Greetings, submissive minions! Your Domina Rachel owes you a bit of an apology.

I admit that I haven’t been as active around the Empire this Summer as you may have become used to. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on exciting, sexy things behind the scenes geared toward inspiring your imagination and penetrating ever deeper into your submissive fantasies.

That’s right–I may have been distracted by My boyfriend’s big cock and some visits from stable subbies, but I’ve still found time to get creative for your benefit!

There may even be some upcoming events this fall that you’ll want to know about, so be sure to connect with Me on social media if you haven’t already, so that you won’t miss out!

See the end of this post for a reminder of ways to stay connected!

But before W/e get to that, let’s catch you up on what I’ve been up to in O/ur kinky community!


New Cover Art for My Erotic Audios


And for My offerings in the assignment store as well!

I know how visual men (even nominal men like sissies) can be, and before I go on a spate of releasing a lot more erotic audios and assignments in the coming months, I decided to spruce up the joint and do cover art for the ones already there!

Check out the example to the right.

Catch up on Goddess Rachel's Domina Doings from this Summer! 1-800-356-6169

Click the pic to be taken to this specific offering!

Pretty cool, huh?

At least I think so!

My favorite new cover art (not to toot My own horn, but I am proud of My work) is for Sissy Feminization Mesmerizer and Pussy Worship!

Want to check out the rest?

Visit My audio store page and My assignments page and let Me know which ones YOU like best!

Bookmark the above links for easy reference!


Speaking of audios . . .


You don’t have to wait for new offerings from Domina Rachel in the audio store because I took off My strapon long enough to make a couple already!

Tease and Denial in Captivity and His First Coerced Cum Eating are both new!

Plus, I made a free audio for Teasemania about Boot Worship (but you’ll have to join to hear it–c’mon, it’s free!), and I’ve decided to start recording audio versions of ALL My blogs from now on!

Seriously, you’d think that someone who multitasks as much as I do, loves podcasts, and invariably listens to audiobooks rather than reading would have figured out before now that some of you might like to listen to a blog post during your commute, or not have to worry about minimizing your window when someone walks into a room to keep them from seeing the naughty stuff you’re looking at.

I’ve already started that practice, because . . .

My Domina Doings Have Included a New Blog Post!


Yes! My writer’s block has finally broken! And it has done so in the form of a blog post on the sexual domination of the simp!

If you read (or listen to) this post, you’ll realize why identifying as a simp (if you are one) is not a negative thing! In fact, for some of you, it makes perfect sense! And you’ll also see why it’s perfectly okay if not all of you relate to the term!

Follow this link to be taken to the post.

Scroll down to the bottom of the post if you prefer the audio version.

And if you have an rss feed (I use Feedly), you may want to add My blog to it if you haven’t already. When it rains, it pours, and I’m already sketching out ideas for several more blog posts in the coming weeks.

Ideally, I’ll be posting once per week, but don’t hold Me to that. Let’s say at least once per month!

In fact, every LDW Domina with a blog can be added to your feed, and I know I’m not alone in adoring it when you read and comment!

And don’t forget Our group blogs! I have some great ideas for some instructive and titillating offerings for those as well!

Remember, every group blog post will include an assignment and a short audio, so that’s great for those of you who love to be given sexy, kinky marching orders!


Afternoon Delight Feedback


Catch up on Goddess Rachel's Domina Doings from this Summer! 1-800-356-6169As I write, August is almost over. But it’s been My domination phone sex anniversary month, and I’d like to start off by thanking all of you who have given Me so much sexy, kinky Femdom fun over My tenure! I hope for much, much more!

Now then, perhaps you saw that I celebrated, in part, with My Afternoon Delight special?

I was a busier domina than usual during those hours, but I fear that some of you missed out because you didn’t let the dispatcher know you wanted to take advantage. That was a prerequisite, of course.

So based on this experience, I’m looking for your feedback. What do you think of specials like this in general? How about My Afternoon Delight special in particular?

I’d like to ascertain, with your help, if I should do more of those in the future. I would appreciate it a lot of you would take a few minutes to answer the below questions, either in the comments of this post, or directly to Me via Skype (enchantrixrachel), E-mail (, or the next time W/e connect in session:

Did you see the graphic?

Did you join Me between the hours of 1 and 5 this month?

If you saw the graphic, called Me during those hours, and did not take advantage of the special, why not?

Did you see the graphic but did not call Me during those hours? Why not?

Do you like specials like that? Should I do more of them? If yes, what kind of perks are attractive to you?

Thanks for your help on that, playmates!


Upcoming Domina Doings


Well, now you’re all caught up on where I’ve been this sizzling Summer!

I’ve alluded to some of the things I have planned for Autumn, and others you’re just going to have to wait to see. But as I mentioned earlier, you can keep abreast of all My happenings, and happenings around the Empire in general, by making sure you’re connected with Me in all the relevant places.

So let’s review:

Want to know if I’m currently available for sessions? How about when I’ll be back if I’m not? Check out and bookmark the pinned post on My blog. This is helpful because sometimes I may not appear on the sites, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hit Me up on Skype (once again that’s @enchantrixrachel) or via E-mail ( and sweetly beg Me to make Myself available to you if the pinned post says you can!

Follow Me on Twitter @FemdomEnchanter. That’s also My name on Tumblr.

I’m Rachel Enchantrix on PinXters, and if you’re not there yet, you should consider it as Twitter continues to work out its kinks, or in case it doesn’t!

My personal blog is If you want to be notified whenever I post a new blog, get yourself a blog roll, like Feedly. If YOU write a blog, get in touch by one of the above ways, and I’ll add you to Mine!

You can also add all of the group blogs to your blog roll, and that way you’ll know whenever there’s a new post on those as well.


That was quite a lot, wasn’t it? Kudos if you made it all the way through!

But now you know the who, what, when, why, and how of My domina summer doings, and you’re all set to spend more time with Me as the leaves turn color and the air gets crisp!

And as with every season of the year, I’ll be looking forward to it!




Goddess Rachel, your Domina for every season!


P.S., As a reward for sticking through this informative but long post, click the banner below to enjoy an extended sample from both My newest offerings in the audio store!


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