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You know how some of you guys do this thing, where you send A LOT of emails, and then worry us to hell and back about reading them all? You know how some of those emails are really long walls of text that are super hard to read? And how you guys sometimes really FREAK OUT if we don’t read every single line of your email and respond? I’ve made something that was requested by a sub, to help you.. er… help ME help YOU get your emails read. New in the phone sex assignments store: Miss Brighton’s Email Package is now available!

Miss Brighton’s Email Package – Phone Sex Assignments

Now I’m going to be honest with you, so brace yourselves and please don’t start crying. I have the attention span of a squirrel that drank an entire pot of coffee. I am also not tethered to my desk, so no, I’m not just sitting here waiting for you to email me. I also get A LOT of emails, so occasionally your emails don’t get read – not because I’m ignoring you, but because I didn’t see it. Sometimes emails go to spam and I don’t always check spam. The other reason your email didn’t get read, is because you sent a super long email, or a wall of text, and expected me to be “delighted” to read that with my morning (technically sometimes after midnight) coffee. I am not amused, nor am I going to read something that was inconsiderate of my time.

TL;DR Why I Absolutely Won’t Read Your Wall Of Text

Quite simply because I’m unable to. It’s a “my brain” thing, not a “I’m being rude” thing. I also cannot and will not answer a succession of constant back to back emails. So if you email me outside of purchasing the text package, please keep your emails short, and I’m going to say this as delicately as I possibly can: GET TO THE POINT. If you need a lot of attention and back and forth and emotional labor, buy the email package! It’s really that simple. Because here’s what’s going to happen if you abuse the emailing: Your emails will get ignored. So please be considerate, and not to mention polite! Now here’s the awesome – non-scolding part of why email packages help me, and they are great for you.

Mistress Brighton's Email Package

What You Get With The Email Package

Attention. You get my attention. Point blank, period. When you respect my time and buy the email package, I will take the time to talk to you, the same way I do when you’re on a live call or doing a text session with me. That means if you have a story you want me to read, or some thoughts you want to run by me, or you just want to hear about my day, or tell me about yours, you get the time and attention you need. You get 6 emails a day for 5 days. I may reply outside of the 5 days, but those are dependent on my availability. But wait, there’s more! You get a 10 minute live text session included with the package. Now here’s the rules!

Email Package Rules

Please for the love of cherry pie don’t send me a text wall! Stop, use spaces and paragraphs, and please send no more than 500 words at a time. You can email for training or guidance, or just to chat, or roleplay… *eyebrow wiggle* Really you can use them for anything, but please make sure you use all 5 days, the week of, because you only get the week that you purchase for. And please make sure you use your live text session the same week you purchase, or you will lose it. This is mainly because I’ll forget, and to be fair you need to use the package you paid for, within the week that you paid for it. Understood? Awesome!

Why Email Packages Are Awesome

You may have noticed more lovely ladies offering email packages. The best thing about them is the flexibility. There’s no panic that you only have say, ten minutes to get everything out before your time cuts off and the text session or phone call is over. You can relax, think about what you want to say, and take your time knowing it will be read and replied to. The email package is also better for people who 1. Don’t have privacy for calls or text sessions. 2. Also have busy schedules and cannot commit to a set time. 3. You’re too shy to do calls. Yes that’s a thing, I’ve had texters tell me via email they were too shy for phone sex. So if you’re a shy guy or gal, we can totally do emails! And of course emails are great for long term cock control or planning outfits for sissies and sissy training!

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This Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Email Me For Free

Just so long as you have the understanding, that free time means you will get whatever attention I have available to you, with no guarantee of that attention. Paid time means you are my star. You’re the center of my universe and I’m going to make sure my star gets the attention they need and want. Doesn’t being my star, have a nice ring to it? Free emails are good for if you don’t see me on and want to know if I might be available for a pass the penis phone sex session. Free emails are good for asking a quick question, or dropping a line to say hello, or thank you, or tell me how amazing I am. A quick question is NOT a wall of text. Just so we’re clear my darlings!


Of course if you don’t like emails, and you abhor texting, and you prefer to hear my voice, you can always call me when I’m available or make an appointment! I also offer wake up calls! Just dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Mistress Brighton. Lastly… HAPPY LOCKTOBER PHONE SEX AND GET READY FOR THE HALLOWEEN BLOG TRAIN!!!! Yes! I am yelling because I’m super excited! LOL Hope to hear from you!


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