Have you found it challenging to spice things up in your bedroom? Well, with my hot sex ideas to get closer to your lover, why don’t we dive in? I want to help you heat things up and make you both happy and horny. Sometimes, life spins out of control, and your home life suffers. I always say if there were an easy button for your sex life, we would all have a great one. So, let’s see if we can fit that with some hot sex ideas and have a little fun, too.

Hot sex ideas to spice up your bedroom.

Need to spice up your sex life? It happens to us all. No matter who you are, your sex drive will peak over time, and it’s all downhill after that. I’m here to tell you that it’s a bunch of BS. Being single makes this easy to handle because if you are not horny, you don’t masturbate unless you suffer from chronic masturbation, which I can also help with. However, when you are a couple, it’s more complicated than that!

Are you ready for a change?

Maybe you have been with the same person for a while, or y’all aren’t on the same page sexually anymore. There are many reasons your sex life may feel uninspiring, but there are many ways to fix this. I will not tell you to use ice or give you cock sucking instructions unless you think you need them. So, continue reading if you want hot sex ideas to take fun time to a whole new level.

Spice up your date nights!

Dates can get stale after a while. After all, how many times can you go to the movies or dinner? Eventually, you must think outside the box, so why not jazz up your time together? Staying in is sometimes preferred by couples who have been together for a while. It’s cool, but let’s think bigger! A movie night is a wonderful idea, but you must admit the steamier the show, the hotter your mood. Skip the lines at the theater and go straight for the rock-hard hitter! Collaborate on preferences and see what you can enjoy together. Porn doesn’t have to be watched alone; close couples should share their dirty stash. Be open and honest with your significant other because that’s when the magic happens.

Toys are so much fun.

I love having fun in the kitchen with different tastes and textures. If you don’t already know, sex toys are an excellent way to mix things up. Spice up your sex this weekend by going to your nearest sex shop. Don’t be shy. It’s fun to go and see things together. Nowadays, there are loads of sex-positive couple shops. But if you’re still a little nervous and apprehensive, make a day of online shopping fun and exciting. Be sure not to make your other half feel wrong about something they show interest in. You both will have to keep an open mind and not be judgmental. Don’t be afraid to look around and keep an experimental mind. A vibrator is excellent on a clit, but hands down, I get more enjoyment using it on a man. Having your partner bind you to the bedpost with some bondage tape and applying that vibration to your dick head will bring you great pleasure.

Are you looking for something more extreme?

Don’t forget the anal play, gentlemen! Men get so caught up worrying that it’s gay to like ass-play, but that is an outdated and misinformed concept. Most educated women know there is a prime P-Spot in your tight little hole that is certain to spice up your sex rituals. You’re missing out on so much pleasure by being afraid to explore this area. You’ve heard the saying, “Don’t nook it till you’ve tried it?”

Remember safety first with any new hot sex ideas.

That said, don’t just grab an enormous strap-on you see and try to plow that ass. That’s not fun, nor will it feel good. There are many ways to work up slowly and be safe. Plus, couple’s videos are available to teach you and your partner how to work up to what you’re comfortable with. Did you know some sex shops often have classes and workshops where you can learn more about things you are interested in? Stuff like bondage, BDSM, positions, and more hot sex ideas. You may even make some friends, so you don’t have to adventure alone if you and your partner are into that. You’ll get no judgments from me. Your Mistress Of Phone Sex Lexi  

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