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Sissies and Crossdressers: This is My Number One Pet Peeve

Sissy dress up details for Ms. AndiI have a bone to pick. First of all I want to say I adore feminizing men from all walks of life. I enjoy Panty Boys, Sissies and Cross dressers a like; but like I said, I have a bone to pick. A pet peeve that really irks me. I figured this is the best way to address it because this happens on the majority of calls.

Dressing up for me

When someone is really happy to talk with me and takes the time to dress up for me– this turns me on. I am very excited to know that you are dressed up. So, when I am told– I am wearing panties for you. I am pleased to hear it but then I ask you what kind of panties and the person replies. Pink panties. That makes me happy but don’t you want to thrill your princess?

I want you to thrill me

Paint a picture. Be more descriptive. Did you know there are over 20 shades of pink? And, at least 5 different cuts of panties? Never mind factoring in the fabric. 🙂 The sexiness is in the details. This is my job to be descriptive and it’s okay if you are feeling awkward and shy about sharing what you are wearing but try to resist that and paint that sexy picture. I would much rather hear, “Princess I am wearing cotton candy pink satin full back panties” than I am just wearing panties.

Sissy dress up details

Trust me, the more details I hear about how sexy your outfit is, the better our time together will be. So, brag away or better yet, get on cam for me so I can actually see what sissy clothes you are wearing. Whatever your comfort zone is. Take the time to learn about the clothes that you like to wear. It is okay to be obsessed with fashion. It is a girl thing.

Princess Andi

7 comments to Sissies and Crossdressers: This is My Number One Pet Peeve

  • Oh Ms. Andi yes you hit the nail right on the head! If I don’t have a cam session or pic of my sissy subbies I love it when they can elaborate on what they are wearing or what they wish they were wearing. It gives such insight to their personal style preferences. Each delectable detail emphasizes for me as well as for them how each item looks, feels and accentuates their bodies.

  • Oh yes Mistress Andi.It does apply to other clothes.Think of all the bra styles,the different ways they are put on,the flowers,the designs.Shoes come in so many styles-wedge,Mary Janes,pumps, stilettos.Dresses with beautiful fabric,and showing off one’s curves.Lipstick comes in so many sexy colors.Eye shadow,mascara, there is so much variety .What an honor to go into detail to describe to you Mistress Andi all the facets of these items and others.Yes, to feel the feminine experience and to elaborate to you and at the same time obey your commands and be attentive to you.Thankyou again for educating us in a truly feminine aura.

  • Thank you for reading Gigi. You are right! It does apply to other clothes as well. 🙂 I am glad you found my rant helpful. 🙂 I really do love sissies and just want the best for anyone that enjoys dressing up!

  • Thankyou Mistress Andi.Yes it is in the details describing how pretty one can be.It applies to other clothing too.It not only engages the mistress but also the recepient.Indeed it leads to a greater erotic play session.Thankyou for making awareness of this-how erotic,how sexy.

  • Ryan, Thank you for your comment. I understand that sometimes it is not easy to describe and I am okay with that. I am thrilled that you are just eager to do the best you can and would consider getting on cam. How brave of you! I would love for you to get on cam for me and show me how pretty you look. 🙂

    Alexis– Thank you. So many different shades of pink! and I love them all! 🙂 Champagne pink is a lovely shade! Thank you for reading and the comment. You made a great point that I agree with, just be the best sissy you can and everybody wins!

  • Ryan

    I’m not real good at describing things and especially shades of colors, but always open to get on cam so you can see them for yourself and minimize how much I have to describe.

  • Yes, sissy darlings, Princess Andi makes a good point! You should always strive to please your Mistress, and that means going above and beyond the usual. She mentioned 20 shades of pink. Well here are a few to get you started: blush pink, rose pink, champagne pink (now doesn’t that just sound delightful), fairy tale pink. Trust me, the list goes on. Just be the best sissy you can. That way everybody wins!

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