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Mistress Brighton is traveling once again, and this week she’s in merry old England. London to be exact. You can still set up a session with Miss Brighton via sexy texting and skype and possibly a virtual session. Check with dispatch to make sure that option is available. What else is happening? Brighton’s got a fun and naughty assignment for you; a chance to earn 5 free minutes added to your call, and December 14th kicks off the 12 Days of Decadence.

Brighton’s Panty Assignment

The assignment is a hunt of sorts: Find a pair of panties that say or feature London or its landmarks, put them on and wear them during your skype session, hop on cam and model your London panties for Mistress! Bonus: 5 free minutes added to any 15 minute or longer call, if you find a pair of Doctor Who or Dalek themed panties. Rules: You must provide proof via a picture of you either wearing or holding the panties. The picture must be of YOU. You must send the picture to to verify. Your purchased call must be 15 minutes or longer to be eligible to have the five free minutes added.

If you would like to participate in the 12 Days Of Decadence, please go to the 12 days page for more information. You can catch Brighton on skype: enchantrixbrighton, next week, and have your session with a UK Mistress!


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