Brighton and Harper teamed up over the summer for their Cock Sucker Confessional event, which you missed!

But, just because you didn’t join the Virtual platform to be there in person for the erotic cock sucking and fucking in a digital church, doesn’t mean you have to miss out forever. One of the perks for the event was a special video, or machinima, created using animations and images from the virtual world. And now you can experience the thrill of dirty nasty blasphemy with Harper and Brighton in the comfort of your own home, watching on your own screen. Check out their Blasphemy video here.

We’d like to invite you to enjoy the Empire’s very first machinima!

A machinima is a machine animated video, created using 3D animations from within our virtual world, and on our virtual world platform. If all that sounds interesting but intimidating, go check out the Virtual World Blog, there’s how-to’s and guides for getting started, as well as tons of dirty smut showcasing all that is possible in the virtual. While this is the first machinima, it certainly won’t be the last! Stay tuned for more dirty videos featuring the voice talents of the ladies of the Virtual World.

If you’re into voices, Harper has a blasphemy themed audio for sale, as does Brighton!


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