Join Delia and Harper on Saturday April 20th for the Sissy Pageant Rewards Show!

Sissy Pageant 2019Tune your internet dial to Cock Radio on Saturday the 20th at 8 pm EST to hear Mistresses Delia and Harper announce all the lucky winners of the Enchantrix Empire 2019 Sissy Pageant! You will not want to miss the glamour, the beauty, the lovely sissies in pretty panties! Tune in for the live show and find out who’s been crowned this year’s Best Sissy, and who tried their best but failed to measure up.

The live Sissy Pageant Rewards Show will, of course, be available for streaming on demand…

But you know you want to hear the results live! The categories were: Best Sissy Lingerie, Best Sissy Eveningwear, Best Sissy Day/Cute looks, Best Sissy Cosplay, Best Virtual Sissy, and Best Sissy Voice. The winner for the overall prize will be chosen from the best possible sissy from any and all categories! And yes, this does mean that you’ll be able to hear our contestants in Best Sissy Voice, on the air, reading from a script written by one of the Mistresses!

Don’t worry, if you missed the glitz and glamour, the Pageant will be back next year!

Click to Listen to Ms. Harper

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