Hello, cock control fans. Are you ready for some masturbation games? I’m ready to make Cock Control and your masturbation pay off In a big way! It’s Masturbation May, where we bring self love to the forefront and try to destigmatize the art of Masturbation.

I’m celebrating by offering you more ways to have fun with My control and Your Cock. You see, I love what I do and believe that rewards pay a big part in Cock Control so a couple of times a year I offer you a chance to have more fun with me! What’s more fun than orgasm, you might ask? Free Minutes with ME!

Are you a man of chance? I have a dice game for you! Perhaps you like to earn stroking points? Those points lead to FREE minutes! Let’s take a look.

With Every 15 Min Paid Session

Your first Masturbation May Games is where you earn points for free minutes! Call me (session) May 1,2019 – May 31,2019 make a paid completed 15 min call and tell me you want to participate in my Masturbation May Games!

masturbation games

It pays to play, masturbation games

You will earn one point per paid minute for your completed 15 min call, and every subsequent paid, completed, call of 15 min or more. Not only can you earn points with your calls, but you can also earn points other ways.

Following me on twitter, sharing my posts and commenting on my blog.

Conditions apply. Check out Intelligent Phone Fantasy for more details on this fun May Masturbation Game!

Second Masturbation May Games: Roll the dice!

With this masturbation May game each paid session of 15 minutes or more, you get a chance to win BIG! So don’t forget to tell me you are playing when we start our session! Then, during our last two minutes I’ll take 5 die and roll them once!

Masturbatin May Dice game

How lucky do you feel?

Pair: 5 free minutes on your next call when you pay for a 10 minute call
Three of a Kind: 10 Free minutes on your next call when you pay for a 10 minute call
Four of a Kind: 15 free minutes on your next call, when you pay for a 10 minute call

If however, you don’t get any of the above, we will tally the total of the die, keep track of the count and at the end of May if you have accumulated a total of 90 or more, you will receive 5 free minutes with your paid 10 minute call, in June.

Yes, cam sessions, sexy texting sessions do apply!
So what are you waiting for? Let’s have some fun with Masturbation in May!

Until We Chat,

Mistress Erika

*You must tell me you are participating during our call. Max points which can be earned 120.


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Calls are $ per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
Discreetly billed to your credit card
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