Ebony Succubus Roleplay

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Greetings, the name is Duchess Willow, and if you have not seen me or done a call with me, I am an ebony femdom offering phone sex and sexy texting. I recently blogged about an ebony succubus role play, which included ass worship and soul sucking, naturally. Playing a succubus seductress is one of my many talents. It’s a dynamic that I enjoy providing to the weak of mind, and curious of adventure seekers. The power of an Ebony Goddess, to control, subjugate, and destroy.

Ebony Femdom

What Is A Succubus?

Succubi are female, or female presenting demons, who sleep with unsuspecting men and steal their sperm. The essence of a man, stolen from them over time, can cause their deterioration, which can have fatal results. The succubi usually appear in very enchanting, seductive forms, making it hard for a man to resist, especially if he’s disoriented and half asleep. It is said that these demonic women, use the collected sperm to procreate, and the men recall very little, other than feeling “drained.” Succubi have irresistible powers, and some other very conniving ways of placing men under their spell. One of those methods, is cunnilingus.

Ebony Succubus Role Play

My Ebony Succubus role, involves me, getting you addicted to my ass, my scent, and having you submit to me in some very fascinating ways. One of which involves me occasionally growing an extra appendage, and using it to penetrate you and break your spirit. Filled with my succubi fluids, you become weaker and weaker, your mind slipping into darkness, as I wrap you in my cocoon of influence, and keep you there, feeding on your body, until your surrender of your soul. If you enjoy fantastical role plays such as the one I just described, I would love to pick your brain and see what you and I can come up with. Here is how you can find me, by phone at 1-800-601-6975 or you may email me, at Willow@EnchantrixEmpire.com to set up a session. Until we chat, have yourself a wonderful week.

Duchess Willow


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