Duchess Willow and Mistress Harper have a two Mistress Tuesday dick ratings special for you.

Duchess Willow and Mistress Harper have a two Mistress Tuesday dick ratings special for you. 1-800-601-6975

What is a dick rating/dick review/genital rating? If you read my new blog: History of Dick Ratings, or you’ve paid for an Ebony Femdom dick rating, you already know. And if not..  You pay us, we rate the size, girth, and other factors of your penis. If you have a penis, Two Mistress Tuesday is fast approaching, and it’s an excellent time to get a live dick rating from two Mistresses for the price of one… for 10 minutes. Two Mistress Tuesday is one of the LDW anniversary promos we are running. So I have a boner bonus for you: Call me and Mistress Harper on Two Mistress Tuesday and get 5 minutes added free.

Two Mistress Tuesday Rules

The above offer is good ONE TIME per person. You can take part in redeeming the 5 free any day of the week, but you will have to pay full price for a two mistress phone session any day other than Tuesday. You have 4 opportunities left to take part in two Mistress Tuesdays. November 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th are your double Domme dick rating days, where you can add a Mistress free for 10 minutes. So that we’re clear:

Call me and Harper on 2M Tuesday, you pay half price for 10 minutes, plus you get 5 added free.

Call us on any other day of the week, you pay regular 2M rate, plus 5 added free.

You have to tell dispatch you’re redeeming the 5 free or they will not know.

This offer is only good for a 2M call with myself and Mistress Harper.

Two Mistress Tuesday Special Offer with WIllow and Harper

Double Domme Dick Reviews

If you’re feeling brave on Tuesday, you have the option of getting a dick review and we will tell you what we really think of that think between your legs.  Please remember to have your skype or discord (if applicable) working and installed on your device prior to your session, if you wish to have a live dick rating while you are on cam. DO NOT under any circumstances, send us unsolicited dick pics without payment.

History Of Dick Ratings

Don’t miss double Domme dick reviews, every Tuesday in November. 1-800-601-6975


Ebony Femdom Dick Ratings

If you would like a one on one live dick rating session with me, or you want to talk about other things, call me. Dial 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Duchess Willow. Email me at willow@enchantrixempire.com to set up a texting session. Stay safe and see you on Tuesday.

Duchess Willow

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