Hello, cock control lovers. Some of you might be wondering what sexy Mistress Erika has been up to. I know it’s been a while, but y’all naughties have me hopping on those phones! Thank you!  Since it’s been a while I thought I’d drop by The Daily Cock and give you an update on the kind of fun I’m having and invite you to join!

Wait! Where are you going? Don’t click off yet! Trust me this is nothing like the mind numbing “updates” from certain software providers, who will remain anonymous. But if they were a Mistress at Enchantrix their name would be Mistress Sassypants. Because Sassypants, sashay’s her ass through the house in the wee hours of the morning and does exactly what she wants, when she wants and doesn’t give two bits about your settings, they are going back to default, bitch! Ha ha!

Oh, did I ever go off on an “excursion”? I think I’ve been hanging around Mistress Olivia too much, and she’s rubbing off on me! (Ooh lala, imagine that!)

Anyway… read on for sexy opportunities for you to win free time with me, some sexy podcasts updates and delectable assignments!

Speaking of Mistress Olivia and Podcasts:

The Weekly Hot Spot

Olivia and I are back in the saddle with Mistress Interviews! This is where you get to have a peek of the Woman behind the Mistress! From their favorite calls, holidays and toys they love to play with! Enjoy our banter as we speak with Mistress Claire, Hunter, Cassandra, Ryan, Daphne and Madison! A few are posted already, so be on the lookout for the others in the coming weeks!

If you don’t know about The Weekly Hot Spot you should take this opportunity to check it out! We are receiving rave reviews! Don’t forget you are part of the conversation, and we are always looking for your input! Feel free to check out some episodes and email me with topics you would like us to discuss!

Phone Sex Assignments

Do you know we have a Phone Sex Assignment Store? We do. It’s a collection of various kinky ways you can extend your session fun! Feel free to check our your favorite Enchantrix Mistress and her offerings. The assignments are updated as the Mistresses submit them, so check back often to see new offerings from your favorite Mistresses.

Some of my offerings are:
30 Day Masturbation challenge
Feminization Challenge (With the delicious Olivia!)
Sissy Challenge (With Olivia)
Humiliation Week
Long Distance Toy Tease

When you click on the link (above) it will take you to my store! Take heed, there are two pages, and I’m looking to add more! After you look over my offerings, if you don’t find something you are interested in I want to know! I’m always
getting inspiration from my naughty fans, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Sizzling Summer Phone Sex

If you haven’t already heard there is an UNPRECEDENTED kinky promotion going on, involving 23 of the sexy ladies of Enchantrix! Of course, I had to hop on this kinky train! I am going to love raising your temperature to sizzling levels! Recently I received a fantastic review of a session, so fantastic that I have to share. Names and situations altered to protect the naughty.

Me: Weaves a kinky tale for naughty to “enjoy” while he imagines the scene. 45 minutes later there are glorious sounds of ecstasy, combined with a few well named deities, emanating from his side of the phone. As I purred affirmations into his trembling ears, softly giggle asking, “Are you alright?”. Breathlessly he replies “Yea, sure”. A few more heartbeats and he exclaims “You are a fantastic storyteller, I’ll give you that, we are going to have to do this AGAIN”

Thank you, I cooed. back, I’d love to! I suggested an added treat for him and asked if he knew about our Rate My Call option where you can win 30 free minutes with the Mistress of your choice. No, he replied, but I cannot think right now, so I’ll have to call you back about that”. With a huge smile, and perhaps another giggle, I let him know that his lack of cognitive ability was the best compliment I’ve received in some time! Thank you!

So, when are you going to hop into the heat with us this August? Check out the blog post here: Sizzling Summer Phone Sex. With this promotion you get the chance to win Twenty Free Minutes! Conditions apply so check out the details and let thesexy mistress erika fun begin!

All session types ARE included. You can make a traditional phone call, buy sexy texting and even cam calls where we view you on cam are all included! Each 30 minutes of session, will get you one entry! Did you have an hour call? That’s TWO entries! What are you waiting for? That cock is already twitching at the thought!

What is Sexy Mistress Erika Up To

In addition to the above, I just finished an 11 Mistress collaboration for a custom erotic audio! It was my first organizing and editing such a large project! I loved it and learned so much! Have you ever considered a custom erotic audio? If you have and love them, I’d love to hear from you!

The other BIG news (drum roll please) August is My Birthday Month! If you are an Erika Addict, you might already be familiar with my month-long celebration of when the world was introduced to Me! If you are new to me, then let me fill you in a bit.

There are many ways you can help me celebrate and when you do, you will get a chance to win Free Minutes, and more.sexy mistress erika

How to treat me with something special

✔️Electronic Gift Card for Amazon or electronic gift cards listed on my WishList
✔️A bit longer of a session, so I can enjoy you more!
✔️You can always leave me a virtual bouquet after our sessions.
✔️Purchasing an assignment package from my Phone Sex Assignment Store

I know that budgets are tight, so if you don’t have the budget, there are still ways to please me!
How do you do that? Simple: Acts of service! Check out my blog post for more information:  Hot Summer Phone Sex

In addition to pampering me and making me feel special, I’m going to offer up some yummy treats for you!
When you session with me for an hour you get an entry to win one of these prizes!

Every hour of session gives you one entry.

Grand prize: Free 20 min voice over skype, viewing you on cam, or texting session
First Runner up: 10 min added to your paid call of 20 min or more
Third prize: 30-day Masturbation calendar.

Consolation Prize: All callers regardless of your session length will be put in a pool to win, three free email exchanges! These naughty emails are way more than arranging for session! Use them for your training, shopping with me online and yes, we can get really naughty!

I can’t wait to tease and torment you!
Until We Chat 💋

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