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BBC Cuckolding on Your Caribbean Vacation

The Caribbean is a Cuckold Paradise

On James and my most recent Caribbean cruise, we ran into a LOT of cuckold couples on the islands! Once I explained I would love to share their tips and experiences with my callers, they opened up on exactly why the Caribbean is a premier, world-famous destination for jet-set hot wives and their indulgent cuckold hubbies with a taste for BBC.

Vacation Cuckolding can be Your Little Secret

One of the couples we met was having their first experience with cuckolding on the islands. They’d been talking about experimenting with cuckolding for years, but didn’t dare do anything to closer to home for fear of it somehow getting out.

They said they’d been drawn to the Caribbean because it was a beautiful location, they’d heard there were lots of BBC studs willing to show hot wife tourists a mind blowing experience, and there was no one from back home who knew them that was going on vacation at the same time, so anything they decided to do would remain totally anonymous. The other couples smilingly admitted they’d gone through the same thought process once upon a time, and had never looked back.

Prime Hunting Grounds for BBC Studs: Adult All-Inclusive Resorts

Some of the best playmates our acquaintances met in their travels were hosts, servers, and staff at adults only resorts. These vacation destinations do NOT offer pairing BBC studs with cuckold-lifestyle guests, but guests are free to observe who among the staff appears the most flirtatious, the most likely to move that flirtation beyond just words, and then ask that individual if they would like to have some fun after their shift has ended. If yes, let the games begin.

Caribbean BBC Vacation Cuckolding

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Ms Lilly’s Tips for Kinksters & Adventurers Alike

The Caribbean: Paradise for Kinksters & Adventurers Alike

Carnival Facination

Carnival Fascination

Hi subbies 🙂 James and I recently returned from an amazing vacation—a 7 Day cruise out of San Juan, Puerto Rico. We visited St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and St. Maarten, and had a fantastic time! The islands were gorgeous as usual; and this time around, we managed to have adventures on land and sea.

Green Sea Turtle Rising in St. Thomas, USVI

Green Sea Turtle Rising in St. Thomas, USVI

Cuckolds, Coral Reefs & Close Encounters

We went snorkeling over several coral reefs, had close encounters of the awesome kind with giant green sea turtles and a massive spotted eagle ray, did a wreck dive, were mobbed by iguanas that reminded me of compys from Jurassic Park with their swarm movements, enjoyed delicious food, and had the opportunity to meet up with quite a few cuckolding couples–they had some seriously scorching hot stories to tell!

scuba divers prepare to explore a wreck dive site in the Caribbean

Beginning a wreck dive in the Caribbean

This latest saga in my Goddess’ Travels has come with quite a few very useful revelations:

I’ll be sharing tips and tricks out how to get the most bang for your buck for aquatic adventures in Barbabos with DIY excursion hacks; as well as how cuckolds and hotwives can get the best chance for a vacation BBC playmate, and more—so keep your eyes open for some sweet treats even more sinful than Carnival’s Chocolate Buffet!

Desserts on Carnival Fascination's Chocolate Buffet

Desserts on Carnival Fascination’s Chocolate Buffet

I’m also sharing some of my favorite vacation photos here, with even more awesome pics going up on my tumblr–so check it out! If you ever want advice on where to head for someplace exotic, fun, or romantic, feel free to ask. I’ve got tons of travel tales and tips to share, and I’d love to hear all about yours!

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Listening on the down low to Whore School with Harper

I hope you’ve all been listening on the down low to Whore School with Harper, but if you haven’t…

Why not?!

Whore School on Cock Radio 80 356 6169I’d like to invite you all to join me live on Sundays at 11 pm EDT (that’s 10 pm Central, 9 pm Mountain, and 8 pm Pacific) for Whore School with Harper. Every Sunday I, your host Harper, expound at length on some topic related to sex and sexuality. You can join the conversation via our Community Kink chatroom and try to knock me off topic and/or make me laugh inappropriately.

Whore School is entering it’s fourth month on the air with Lesson 12 coming up on Sunday the 17th.

If you’ve missed out so far, you can listen to Lessons One through Eleven on demand, or download for later listening pleasure. Upcoming Lessons will feature more in-depth about various fetishes, kinks, and perversions, so if you’ve got a particular favorite, be sure to let me know and I’ll feature you kinky wet dream live on the air.

It’s a scorching hot summer, so I’d like to do something special to cool off with Whore School!

For every listener who joins the chatroom, I’ll donate 1% of my earnings that week to a local animal rescue. Ten listeners? Ten percent! Twenty? Twenty percent! Join me live and help animals in need, and learn about sex while you’re at it. Just to sweeten the pot for you: the next fetish I’m going to discuss is cock control games.

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Mistress Simone Will Haunt Your Mind…

…With ASMR

Interested in sucking cock?  Mistress Simone has a mesmerizing technique that will have you wanting to suck cock and eat cum for her, and you will love every minute of it!  It utilizes something called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), and it will land you in a total orgasmic state of mind.  Find out more about this technique, and how Ms. Simone will use on you, HERE.

Ms. Simone uses ASMR to get you to suck cock for her.

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You Need Cock Control Princess Andi

Cock Control for Your Masturbation Addiction

Princess Andi will take control of your cock and remedy that masturbation addiction of yours.  She has some nasty ways to teach you lesson.  Read more about cock control with Princess Andi HERE.

You need cock control from Princess Andi.

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Cock Control by Princess Andi

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

ASMR Explained by Mistress Simone

Imagine, an orgasm for your *ahem* head.  A whisper from a sultry voice, or a soothing sound that relaxes you, can put you in a state of meditation. Before you know it, you are feeling orgasmic!  Ms. Simone explains how Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) can be used for . . . → Read More: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

SPH Phone Sex

SPH Phone Sex by Mistress Nadia

All cocks have a built in self destruct phrase. A short sentence when uttered by a woman in bed that causes the hardest of cocks to shrivel faster then a dip off the Greenland coast in January. Have you figured what those four little words are?

“Is it . . . → Read More: SPH Phone Sex

Have you met Ms. Parker yet?

Hey there… Some of you may have noticed that I am new to LDW and I just wanted to say how excited I am to be here. I have enjoyed getting to meet those that I have spoken to so far, and can’t wait till I get to talk to more of you in . . . → Read More: Have you met Ms. Parker yet?

The Mistresses are Writing up a Storm!

Fabulous things are happening on some of your favorite Femdom blogs.

As some of you might have already noticed, I’ve been having some delightful guest posts from a few of LDW’s incredible ladies:

Ms. Fiona introduced you to her Dark Side. Ms. Daphne revealed her scorching hot T-Girl Tryst. On my shared blog . . . → Read More: The Mistresses are Writing up a Storm!

Free Minutes From Ms. Brighton to Celebrate Her Anniversary

Mistress Brighton’s One Year Anniversary 1-800-601-6975

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