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Sissy Support Sex!

Sometimes, you just need a little sissy support sex.

I know it’s not exactly PC, but hey, sometimes things that are sexy and hot aren’t very correct or nice. If you’re a sissy or trans person, it can be excruciatingly difficult to find someone to be intimate with. Let’s be real here: everyone (except for asexual folks) desires a little sexual gratification from time to time. If you’re a little genderfluid or in transition from one gender expression to another, the odds you can find someone to reach ecstatic orgasmic bliss with is vanishingly slim. That’s where we come in! We provide sissy support sex.

800 601 7259 sissy support sexGender interesting people, folks who like to play with the stereotypical things of the ‘opposite’ gender, trans folk… all have one thing in common.

Finding someone who’s response to your gender variance that isn’t some sort of trans voyeurism or otherwise exploitative is like finding a needle in a haystack. Welcome to the solution to finding that needle: a big ol’ magnet. If you’re interested in exploring what it’s like to fuck on the other side of the gender spectrum, or just need to let off a little steam, confide about your latest milestone, or gossip with someone who ‘gets it’, you’re in the right place. Sissy support sex is just what it says on the label. Support and sex for sissies and other gender variant people.

Sissy support sex  is for you!

It’s for me! It’s for all of us. Everyone who experiences arousal and desire, and doesn’t want to be constrained by the expectations of ‘normal’ society. Sometimes, I love to put on a strap on and act like I’ve got a big dick. Sometimes, I want to just fuck and penetrate my partners. If you’d like to be fucked, used, put through your paces like a prize filly… well hello there.

Listen to Ms. Harper.

Lap It Up! (Cum Eating Fun)

You want to eat your cum so bad, don’t you. I know many of us Mistresses are able to eventually coerce you towards that end.

Yet there are plenty of you guys and gals who, the moment you orgasm, hang up the phone. How am I supposed to talk you through that cum eating challenge if you disconnect?

So I’m sharing yet another strategy for getting that cum from cock to tongue.

Will you finally be successful? Read more here.

Training from Two Mistresses

If you are looking for a great way to add variety and get some much needed training try Out Ms. Constance’s and Erika’s Tag team training! These two sexy Mistresses are offering a great training program for several different types of kinks… and don’t worry if you don’t see yours just mail them and ask!

Training topics

Guided masturbation/ Jerk off instructions
Orgasm control/Edging instructions
Cock Sucking
Cum eating

All you have to do is commit to 4 calls per month ( 2 calls per Mistress) Please sign up by sending the ladies an E-mail Constance and Erika both Once you do your first call with one of the ladies your training will begin.

Training involves

Your phone sessions with the ladies, 1 weekly e-mail with instructions/follow up from each of the ladies and one weekly audio with a progress report recorded by one of the ladies. The value of this far exceeds the cost of the 4 calls you are required to make. Oh, and think about this, the ladies will be meeting privately to discuss YOU and your training….and you know you love the idea of them talking about you!


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to either of the ladies and they will be happy to help you. Now what are you waiting for? You have everything you need to start having some fun with not just one Mistress but Two!

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Ms. Christine’s Chastity Thoughts

The Right Of The Chastity Keyholder

Chastity with Ms Christine

Don’t you want to know what the controller of your cock is thinking?

I’ve heard something a couple times now and thought I would address it. Chastity play doesn’t mean that a Femdom has to give up dick. I’m not even talking about adding toys, though that’s an option of course. And I’m not talking about having a denied, cock locked cuckold chastity relationship – although that’s often where these thing lead.  What I’m talking about is the rights that the Chasity Mistress has as a keyholder.

The Keyholder Makes The Rules

I have some real-time chastity slaves, and when I’ve got the key to their chastity device, I get to make the rules. I  don’t just decide when a cock is locked. Also, should I decide to take the cage off, I decided when, where, and why it will happen. If I just want him to walk around naked with a hard on, I can release him. If I want to tease him for an hour before locking him back up, that’s my prerogative. And if I want to ride his cock until I cum, I can do so, then tell him to go shower off, shave, and lock it right back on himself … and he’ll go crazy every time. 

The Point of Chastity

The point I’m trying to make is, no keyholder should ever feel like they have to give something up in order to indulge their partner in a chastity fetish. As I already said, I’m holding their keys, I make the rules. So why bother with being cock locked in the first place if it’s just going to come off during a scene? Why put it on at all?  Well, we all know by now that chastity is a lot of things:

*Like delicious teasing fun
*And overwhelming, yet addictive torture
*Exhilarating, albeit at times confusing, humiliation
*And of course, it’s insurance that my pleasure always comes first

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Listen to Ms. Christine

Masturbation Woobie? Tell Ms. Daphne all about it.

Are you one of the many guys or gals who need a "woobie".Are you one of the many guys or gals who need a “woobie”… a security blanket, of sorts… in order to become erect, stay erect or orgasm? You know, using a certain item or a specific material wrapped around your cock to keep yourself aroused? For some, it is a pair of pink lace bikini panties (and yes, some get that specific!), whereas for others, it might be a velour blanket that reminds them of their bedspread as a teenager. Everything from stuffed animals to generalized lingerie are used as woobies.

I do not leave you folks out who need to smell or taste items as well. I consider any need a woobie, even if it isn’t technically a “thing.”

In Part 1 of my 3-part series, I discuss the items folks use, the worry about telling even the Mistresses, much less a lover. In Part 2, I talk about those questions in detail and in Part 3, break out the options one has when it comes to disclosing this sweet quirk with a lover. I do not ever tell you what to do, just play Devil’s Advocate to bring your own fears and worries to the fore.

I encourage all of you to read… you never know if you will have a lover with this quirk and they might need your kind compassion.

But for you all who have these needs, I mostly want you to know you are not alone. Not at all. At the very least, you have the LDW Mistresses to “confess” to. We are always here to listen.

Masturbation Woobies (Part 1)

Masturbation Woobies (Part 2)

Masturbation Woobies (Part 3)    

Meet the Mistresses of virtual world phone sex

This Friday March 31st from 7-9 pm eastern all the ladies of virtual world phone sex will be hanging out for 2 full hours so you all get the chance to know them.

Not sure what the virtual world has to offer

This is exactly why we are having this meet and greet. You . . . → Read More: Meet the Mistresses of virtual world phone sex

The Sissy Pageant is Happening Now – Enter to Win

The 2017 Sissy Pageant is happening NOW! The Mistresses will be voting on March 23rd, so HURRY if you haven’t entered yet!

How to Enter

All you have to do is get dressed up and post your picture in our Enchantrix Empire Sissy Pageant group (if you aren’t a member of make . . . → Read More: The Sissy Pageant is Happening Now – Enter to Win

Fun and kinky goodies from Ms. Daphne

Wheeee! I’ve updated my Audios Page, boys & girls! Here, you’ll find some fun and kinky goodies to whet your appetite… and your panties. *snickerlaugh* Here is a sample for you girls:

Sissy Tea Party

Take a listen and let me know your thoughts… would love to know what YOU would like some Audios . . . → Read More: Fun and kinky goodies from Ms. Daphne

Erotic She Male Fun

Erotic She Male Fun

Lately I have had a very sexy boi call for something very unusual. The fantasy of me being a hot and largely endowed she male just like him. I specialize in unusual erotic fantasies. The fantasy is as such:

I am a trans gender sex therapist who dresses in fetish . . . → Read More: Erotic She Male Fun

Whore School Round Up

If you’re not a regular listener of Cock Radio, you may be unaware of Whore School, the adult sex education podcast by me, Harper!

Let me be the first to invite you to come on over and give it a listen. Whore School brings you a weekly dose of perverted sex ed, with an . . . → Read More: Whore School Round Up