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A Birthday Bash for Constance and Hunter

Tonight, Wednesday September 20th, there will be a birthday bash for Ms. Constance and Ms. Hunter at 8pm eastern. This will replace the Kink Korner show.

How to join us

We will be in our adult kink chat room at 8 pm and you will want to tune into the live podcast happening on Cock Radio . Ms. Constance plans to celebrate in her birthday suit and you all are welcome to do the same.

Check out last year’s bash

Did you miss last year’s bash or just want to see what you can expect check out the podcast of last year’s birthday bash here. We’ll plan to see you all at the party and lets have some fun!

Free phonesex offer to kick start Cockapoolaza!

cockapooloza I am so excited. Friday, September 1, 2017 is the kick off of my first every cockapoolaza! and to celebrate- anyone that does a call with me on September 1 will get a free 10 minute call with me! You can either use those free 10 minutes on Friday and add them to your call or you can use them before the end of September. The 10 free minutes will expire September 30 at 11:59 ET.

I am looking forward to having lots of fun with you this September. Cockapoolaza is all about celebrating cocks. Big cocks! Little cocks! Thick Cocks! Skinny cocks! Sissy Cocks! I think you get the drift…

Here are some other exciting things for you to do to celebrate the very first cockapooloza with me:

The Biggest Wanker

Winner for the most minutes with me during the month of September. The winner will receive a free call. Please make sure to mention to me at the beginning of our call– that you are participating in cockapoolaza and want to be included in the biggest wanker contest. Starts Sept 1 and ends Sept 30 at 11:59pm

Tumblr love

Show your love for me on my Tumblr and you might win a custom audio! Anyone, that likes and shares my stuff on Tumblr will have their name added to the hat for a chance to win a free 5 minute customized audio.
These are just some of the reasons to participate in the very first Cockapooloza- hosted by your favorite cock tease princess.

Writing Contest: Why you love phone sex.

Write a 600 word maximum on what phone sex means to you. I will have a group on the Enchantrix Empire just for Cockapoolaza and will have a spaced saved just for the writing contest. Must be submitted by the end of September 24. The winner will receive a recording of me reading their entry and bragging rights.

I look forward to a very hot cockapoolza this September! Let’s make September sizzle!

All winners will be announced during the first week of October during my cock radio show the wetpot! And, the next day here on my blog.

Princess Andi


Team Edging with Ms. Christine

The Edging Team is Every Mistress 

Did you know Ms. Christine is part of a unofficial "Edging Team" ?

What could be better than the whole team training you?

It’s nothing official really, but I like to think of my fellow Cock Control Mistresses, Femdoms, Princesses and Empresses here at LDW and myself as one big team – The Edging Team!  Seriously, think about it, has any Phone Sex Artist here ever let you nut off without making you edge?  Doesn’t matter what your kink is, when it’s time, we all mercilessly tease you and bring you to right on the point of cumming, and then we let it down. Then up close again, then back down…over and over again.

We Take Your Edging Quite Seriously

We do take all levels of orgasm control very serious here at the Enchantrix Empire.  We know that since we took away your compulsive cock stroking with our expert cock control, we needed to replace that addiction with another one – edging addiction! Cock and orgasm control training is very important, so why don’t you warm up by giving me ten edges, then a light breakfast before you get back to training.  Don’t worry, by the time you really get into training, you’ll be giving me 150 before breakfast!

More Edging

Remember, there is never any cumming, not unless your Masturbatrix gives you permission. There’s also no slowing down.  Throughout the day, whenever you have a free moment, you should try to give us 5 edges.  And I want you to really push yourself!  More Edges!  By the time the sun goes down, that cock should be swimming in precum.  WE want you to be a dripping, gooning mess every day!

Listen to Ms. Christine. Come on, call a Masturbatrix from the Edging Team and start your training today!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Adding a Virtual World to Cock control

Hey! It’s Virtual Cock control Mistress, Mistress Erika coming to you from Virtual world!  I wanted to stop by and give you some updates and invite you down to join me and the other sexy ladies of Enchantrix Empire!

Virtual world adds such an erotic and hot dimension to our calls, it really is mind blowing!  Oh, what’s that? You don’t know about Virtual World? But here’s where you can go for a bit of self-help: Virtual World phone

You can find me at or email me at

Adding a Virtual World to Cock control

Guided masturbation and edging sessions, with the added dimension of 3D avatars are off the charts HOT! Do you think you’re a well “trained” edger? Able to hold it? Humm?  Well, let’s test your Moxy, on my super sexy and erotic bed, or my tub upstairs! I bet you’ll have a “harder” time not cuming than you’ve had in a long time!

Watching the hot 3D action, stroking sessions so hot you’ll learn a whole new appreciation for teasing your cock during session.

How soon can your virtual cock control begin?

Hop on over to virtual world to get yourself an avatar for a few practice runs exploring and getting use to your “new you”.  Search for me, Enchantrix Erika, send me an IM and I’ll send you some links where you can choose your own working cock! The very best cocks, do everything a real cock does! Flaccid, erect and yes orgasms!! You’ll be ready for your session in no time!

But regardless of a session, or not. Why not come hang out with us at the Enchantrix Empire sim. You are always welcome to hang with the sexy Mistress, when they are there between sessions!!

At Enchantrix you have everything you need to learn how to get around, move and animate yourself! We have games and toys to play with, some sexy some just plain fun. Never a charge to hang, and when you are ready for a session, well we can do that too!

So Much More Than Virtual Cock Control

Submissives who want more than their cocks controlled can and DO enjoy a wide variety of activities.
Your Mistress can literally control your virtual YOU. Leashing you up, putting on cuffs, making you kneel , sit , stand whatever is her whim.

The sky is the limit and if I didn’t touch on YOUR kink, no worries. Contact me today, I’ll tell you how to take your kink to a whole new level!

Here’s a little sample, of what you can expect in Virtual World. See you there, soon!!




Ms Scarlet’s Freckle Journal

I know you’ve been mesmerized by the delicious freckles covering nearly every inch of my body. Have you been counting them? Let me share a sensual fantasy I’ve been having about you counting my freckles…………

Read Ms. Scarlet’s story here.

Listen to Ms. Scarlet read it to you.









Sissies and Crossdressers: This is My Number One Pet Peeve

I have a bone to pick. First of all I want to say I adore feminizing men from all walks of life. I enjoy Panty Boys, Sissies and Cross dressers a like; but like I said, I have a bone to pick. A pet peeve that really irks me. I figured this is the . . . → Read More: Sissies and Crossdressers: This is My Number One Pet Peeve

Sexy Smart Girls at LDW

Are you intimidated by a girl with brains? Do nerdy chicks turn you on? Whichever it is; we are all smart girls here at LDW.

Check out Ms. Scarlet’s latest post:

Listen to her read it to you here:

. . . → Read More: Sexy Smart Girls at LDW

Eight Reasons Why Having a Small Pecker is a Positive

Mistress Delia wants to know: Do you have a small penis?

There are upsides to having a small cock. It certainly makes small penis humiliation a good time! If you are hung like a hummingbird, Ms. Delia has some morale boosters that she shares HERE.

Mistress Delia


To call Mistress . . . → Read More: Eight Reasons Why Having a Small Pecker is a Positive

Sissy-Only Lingerie Party

I have this amazingly fun Sissy-girlfriend I spend lots of time with (in all the ways you can imagine – winkwink) and she was going to be attending a Sissy-Only Lingerie Party in a few weeks and wanted something special. Custom. So she and I headed to our favorite sewist where she would . . . → Read More: Sissy-Only Lingerie Party

Shrinking & Giantess Fetishes Exposed!

Have you heard about these ‘little’ fetishes? It’s possible that you aren’t familiar with the titles but you might recognize some common fantasies. They may include female superheroes or even amazon warrior women; a 50 foot tall woman stomping around a city crushing skyscrapers!

Or it could just come down . . . → Read More: Shrinking & Giantess Fetishes Exposed!