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The Mistresses are Writing up a Storm!

Fabulous things are happening on some of your favorite Femdom blogs.

As some of you might have already noticed, I’ve been having some delightful guest posts from a few of LDW’s incredible ladies:

I’m not the only one hosting guest Femdoms either.

Some of your favorite ladies have been making the rounds, touring each others blogs, and leaving their calling card by way of some naughty posts on different sites. Quite a few Mistresses will be stopping by each other’s blogs to share their experiences, kinks, and thoughts over the coming weeks, so be sure to check your favorite ladies blogs often and see who the latest guest mistress is!

You never can tell who will be swinging by for a visit.

I think it’s a wonderful way to introduce our subbies to more of the incredible ladies in LDW, and perhaps reveal a side of them you’ve never seen before. We’re wicked, talented, and absolutely amazing Femdoms with a wide range of interests, and quite a few of us love to share. If one of the visiting ladies posts something that makes your dick twitch & your mind start racing with all kinds of kinky possibilities, why not give her a call & have some fun? Or call both of us and really take those scandalous fantasies to the next level!

There’s always some wicked fun to be had.

All it takes is a dirty mind and a wicked imagination, and I know all of you have that! Why not let the ladies and I show you just how incredible your fantasies can be?


Check out the guest mistresses posting on your favorite mistress's blog!

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Free Minutes From Ms. Brighton to Celebrate Her Anniversary

Celebrate Mistress Brighton's anniversary with five free minutes!

Mistress Brighton’s One Year Anniversary 1-800-601-6975

In June of 2015 I took my first call at LDW. Since then. I have learned a lot about my “craft”, met some wonderful ladies who have been an inspiration to me, and of course there is YOU. our customers! I honestly can say I’ve gotten very spoiled at the empire, knowing some absolutely wonderful, warm, kind spirits in the form of our callers. You have all made my tenure here fun an enjoyable, being friendly, welcoming, and open minded. And as you know, I love to have FUN. that being the operative word in all that I am a part of. If you’re not having fun, there’s no point in doing it! With that said, since you all have been great to me, I want to give something back and help you celebrate my anniversary with me!

Five Free Minutes Just For You

Receive five free minutes with a purchase of a 10 minute call or longer from now until July 16th when you call me or if you prefer this offer also applies to texting sessions of 10 minutes or more. Wouldn’t you love an extra five minutes to spend quality time with your Enchantrix Tease? *wink wink*

More Freebies?

Please check out my newest blog post, titled: Brighton’s LDW One Year Anniversary, to learn how you can get a free erotic audio and picture, from yours truly! I look forward to hearing your naughty thoughts, and celebrating my first year at LDW with you!



More kinky sites for FemDom phone sex.

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Ms. Lilly’s Sail Away Stroking Game

What Better Way to say Bon Voyage Than by Giving me the Gift of Blue Balls

Cruise Ship

James & I will be cruising the Caribbean July 3-10th, just before my Mistress House Party. I’ve decided to have a little fun before I go by building up some pressure in your balls! Strokers, sissies, edge pets & CBT addicts, listen up, because there’s something here for everyone! NO CUMMING until the daily challenge is successfully completed. Chastity & denial pets, or those looking to test the limits of their control, no cumming for the duration of the challenge.

Your Countdown Stroking Assignment

  • Day 1: 10min holding ‘on’ vibrator against your balls while watching porn clips—no other touching allowed. 30 min stroking, every 10min break for either 3 min panty sniffing or wearing, or CBT. 10 ball smacks, 10 ass swats, and 10 edges to be completed in 30min, 3 attempts before I’ll permit you to give up.
  • Day 2: 10 min stroking with one hand—every 20 strokes smack your balls with a metal tablespoon or slotted serving spoon with the other. Watch 1 porn clip without touching, followed by 5 min with a vibrator held in one hand while you stroke with the other.
  • Day 3: 10 min stroking, 5 min CBT, 2 min panty sniffing (if you already have panties to play with)
  • Day 4: 2 clothespins on nipples, 10 whacks across the ass with a spatula or belt, and 20 min stroking with a minimum of 5 edges—5 more whacks across the ass for every edge missed, 3 attempts to reach 5 edges in 20min before I’ll permit you to give up.
  • Day 5: 30min stroking while wearing panties over head so the crotch is against your nose, or while watching porn; followed by 30 swats to the ass, 30 ball smacks, and 30 edges (stroking with a wet or dry grip is allowed)
  • Day 6: 10min of vibrator nestled against cock, held in place by tighty whities OR panties, but NO touching—and yes, the vibrator must be in the ‘on’ position. Every touch will result in a ball smack. Successful completion of 10 min without touching will be rewarded by 20min of stroking—but no cumming.
  • Day 7: watch 4 clips of your favorite type of porn, edging at least 3 times during each one. 2 min CBT, 1 min panty sniffing, and 3 min of playing with a vibrator in the manner of your choosing.
  • Day 8: 5 min of stroking in the shower, dry off, followed by 10min of stroking with a tie, panties, or stockings wrapped around your dick.
  • Day 9: 30min of stroking with a lubed grip or Fleshlight, broken up into 10min segments. After each 10min portion, take a break for 2 min to either sniff panties, smack your balls, or spank your ass.
  • Day 10: 10min ball smacks, 20 swats to the ass, 40 min stroking, broken up however you wish.

Don’t forget to call in and wish me a very kinky cruise!

For anyone who wants to get me something nice as a Bon Voyage Gift, check out my wishlist or consider some other ways to spoil your Goddess.


Enjoy this stroking game from Mistress Lilly.

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Masturbation May Writing Contest Winners

Masturbation May writing contestWow! Masturbation May was a huge success. I know the Mistresses and I are still beaming over all the fun and that so many of you participated in the various Masturbation May Events. Thank you all for participating. It really was a hot time celebrating in pass the penis with so many new players– very exciting.

Writing Contest Winners

Well, now it is time to announce the winners for the Masturbaton May Enchantrix Empire writing Contest. I have to say, this was a really tough contest for all the Mistresses to vote on. And, every single one of you that wrote received votes. I have to tell you, it was neck and neck and all of you that wrote for the contest– I want to thank you. You all did a great job. I counted and recounted and doubled that!!

First place winner of the writing contest goes to Enchantrix Empire’s very own Jayindc! Congratulations and please check your inbox over on EE. I sent a message that you win a 15 minute call.

Second Place the winner is Jizzhead Guy. You win a 10 minute call.

Third place goes to Nate S. you win a custom audio.

Congratulations and you will be receiving messages from me so please keep an eye out in your Enchantrix Empire inbox.

Masturbator of the Month Contest Winners

Wow, and I do mean Wowza! So many of you tried out for this and that is wonderful! Dispatch carefully kept track and checked and added and double checked because it was a close race– but as in any contest there were two distinct winners.

The Winners for Sluttiest Stroker and Most Dedicated Stroker have been contacted and for discretion sake their names will not be shared here. They did each win a masturbation basket which a few Mistresses so generously donated some items to play with in future Masturbation fun and each also won $100.00 credit to add to their future wank bank here.

I want to congratulate all of you that won. I am so happy for you. Thank you all for making Masturbation May such a hot time.

Princess Andi

Ms. Daphne’s Anniversary Special Free Audio

Ms Daphne's anniversary special free audio

Thank you for calling

On June 1, 2015, I started working here at LDW. I started working “the phones” a mere 6-weeks before that. Am I ever thankful I found LDW!! Mistress Ally and all the Mistresses, Dispatchers, Office folks… everyone has been nothing less than amazing this entire year.

And you clients! How could I even utter a breath about LDW without having you included. You boys & girls are the best, the most entertaining, the joys of my days and nights. Thank you for calling and spending so much time with me. It is always a delight to be with you all.

So, to thank you for your generous gifts of time with me, I want to give something back to you!

(Keep reading below the picture!)

June free audio special

Receive a  3-minute FREE audio made just for you

When you call me in June, the first 30-minute call you make qualifies you to receive a FREE 3-minute Audio made just for you! After our call, you can shoot me an email to offer an idea for your unique Audio.

Want me to use a special name? Refer to an item of clothing? Or do you want me to just wing it and come up with my own twist on your personality?

I cannot wait to do these free Audios for you all! I know they will be so much fun.

Let the calls begin!

Whore School with Ms. Harper

Don’t forget about Whore School with Harper!

Join me each Sunday at 11 pm Eastern for Whore School via Spreaker, live and in your face for an hour long discussion about some facet of Sex Ed that got skipped and skimped on in formal schooling. I got super annoyed with the state of sex . . . → Read More: Whore School with Ms. Harper

Pass the Penis: There are Many Ways to Play

Hello, Daily Cock fans. This is Princess Andi, and I want to say, Pass the Penis is going strong. Lots of sexy fun going on out there, and with the generous savings being offered this month to celebrate Masturbation May, Pass the Penis is being offered at a discounted rate. There is no reason . . . → Read More: Pass the Penis: There are Many Ways to Play

Chastity Training and Orgasm Denial

No Choice in Chastity

Miss Scarlet wants you to know chastity isn’t a choice for all men. You may think you’re in control, but chastity is all about letting go of it! When you take that first step, and offer your orgasms to a dominant woman, the choices are all taken away. Ms. Scarlet . . . → Read More: Chastity Training and Orgasm Denial

Ms. Lilly’s LDW Anniversary

Hi, subbies! May is home to National Masturbation month and something else that’s deliciously kinky.

It’s also my anniversary with LDW! I’m celebrating another glorious year of getting to play with all of you sissies, strokers, CBT addicts, humiliation whores, edge pets, and denial toys! I’ve had a wonderful time, and I’m . . . → Read More: Ms. Lilly’s LDW Anniversary

Office Fantasies

Erotic Fantasies at the Office

Hello, strokers!  Do you have erotic fantasies about your workplace?  Perhaps bending the receptionist over your desk, hiking up her skirt to find, whoops, she forgot to put on panties that day!  Or maybe your kinky thoughts gravitate more toward your female boss.  You, hiding under her desk, giving . . . → Read More: Office Fantasies