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Edging Masturbation with Ms. Simone

Edging Masturbation with purpose and wish fulfillment.

Edging Masturbation for wishes!

Edging Masturbation for wishes!

Yes, this is an actual thing and perfect for the holidays.  Do you ever wish that you could just stroke your cock and magically make things appear?  Well, now, for 2016, in Simone’s world of magical pleasure and demonic delights, YOU CAN!  That’s right, but this offer is only good till the end of 2016.

Every bit of edging masturbation energy will go into whatever you wish for when you cum!

Now, you can wish for things and actually have them come true next year.  Don’t wait around for silly New Years resolutions to fail.  Put some time, energy, effort and your hand into making it happen NOW!  Think of it as pre-ordering your gifts early for your birthday next year!   

To make your wishes come true, you must edge your cock every day!

I will make sure that I masturbate every day as well with you.  NO, real sex in this particular case does not count.  You will just have to trust me on this.  I intend on having quite a bit of sex in the month of December, but I will also be masturbating minimum once a day. 

When you cum, imagine your wish fulfilled and on its way.

I hope all of you take part in this little campaign of wish fulfillment masturbation.  I want all of you listening or reading this to have the absolute best year of your life.  Let’s face it, this year sort of sucked, so let’s make this next one mind blowing in its awesomeness.  I know I’m willing to pull out my dildo and get moving towards my dreams.

Are you living a magical life?

I love all of you bunches!

Mistress Simone


Mistress Daphne’s Sissy Ballet Series

ballet class fantasies

So many of you girls have played out Ballet Class fantasies with me, I thought it would be big fun to have a Sissy Ballet series for you!

So far, there are FOUR installments:

Ballet Class: Mistress’ Command – Our sissy learns about his future as a ballerina.

Ballet Class: Prep for First Day – Mistress lays out the clothes of a ballerina.

Ballet Class: The Classroom – Our sissy tries to sneak into the dance studio, but is hardly unobtrusive.

Ballet Class: Your Side of the Story – The new ballerina comes home from class and demonstrates her new dance moves!

A new installment comes out each week. Come twirl with me!




Time to celebrate the holidays with our Enchanting Reindeer Game! It’s easy and fun to play. Call our dispatchers and tell them you want to sign up to play. Give us your name and an email address so we can let you know if you win a prize. We’ll put you on our Naughty Boy List. Then call and talk to the mistress of your choice during the contest.

The caller who does the most minutes over all during this time will get a great prize. The caller who does the longest call in one unbroken call will also win a prize. Runners up will receive smaller prizes.

Here are the simple rules

1. The contest starts Saturday, Dec. 3 at 12:01 AM and ends Sunday, Dec. 11 at 11:59 PM. All times are East Coast time. Calls may be done with any ETE of your choice, subject to her availability.

2.  You must register to participate in the contest by telling the dispatcher and giving her your name and email address. Your email will be kept confidential and used ONLY for communications relating to this contest.

3.  Callers may pre-register at any time prior to the start of the contest, or may register during the contest period.

4.  Only paid minutes will count toward contest minutes.

5.  Each caller’s total call time for the entire time of the contest will be aggregated after the end of the contest. You do not have to talk with the same ETE each time in order for your time to be counted. There will also be a contest for the longest individual call during the game. The longest individual call must be done with one mistress without any interruption.

6.  Winners will be advised of their win and prize via email during the week following the contest.

7.  Where applicable, prizes will be shipped to you once you provide a shipping address.

8.  All decisions as to prizes are final.

9.  A list of total times, excluding any caller identifying information, will be available if you wish to review it after prizewinners have been notified.

10.  Have loads of fun! Happy Holidays!

Cock Teasing Christmas with Alyssa and Constance

Two Mistress phone sex call with Alyssa and ConstanceHappy Holiday Season Everyone! Ms Alyssa and Constance have a very special Two Mistress deal to kick off your Holiday season just right! From Friday Nov 25th through Friday Dec 2nd anyone who does a paid call of 15 minutes or more on a two Mistress phone sex session with these two sexy ladies instantly gets 5 minutes free!!!

Pay for 15 get 20
Pay for 30 get 35
Pay for 60 get 65

Now that’s the way to get the holiday season started off right!!! You can check out more details here on Ms Constance’s Blog and remember although it is called a cock tease Christmas, your two Mistress phone sex call with these beauties can be about any topic you enjoy. No need to be shy about it either boys and gurls these ladies love having all kinds of naughty fun together!

Time to grab some lube and your phones and hit these two sexy ladies up for some Holiday Cheer!!



Multiple Mistress Fun

               Two Mistress Phone Sex Calls

Double your pleasure with two mistress phone sex calls!

Double Your Dirty Talk

Want to double your pleasure? Mistress Scarlet wants to tell you all about two Mistress calls! Imagine, her voice purring in your ear………….and then…………another voice! Do you want them to pass you back and forth? Tease you and taunt you? Watch you on cam? They know you want to stroke, but will both Mistresses give you permission? Your fantasy comes true when you add another Mistress to your phone fantasy call! Read more HERE.




To call Mistress Scarlet, click HERE.

Visit Ms. Scarlet’s blog:


Scarlet Listen


A New Website for Sissies

Introducing Sissy Style Magazine

Calling all sissies!  We know you love fashion and that every sissy has their own unique, sissy style.  Well now, to honor your glorious femininity, LDW offers you a new website, “Sissy Style Magazine.”  On this website you will find tips, tricks, and recipes (pumpkin facial anyone?) . . . → Read More: A New Website for Sissies

Ms. Lilly’s Australian Adventure

Goddess Gone Walkabout Oct 28th-Nov 16th

Hi, subbies. I’m still in the Land Down Under, but I wanted to give you a heads up on some of the other amazing things James and I are going to be doing. In my last post, I mentioned how we’d be scuba diving at several . . . → Read More: Ms. Lilly’s Australian Adventure

Spanksgiving Means Fun for Your Ass

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Spanksgiving!

Let’s kick off a three week extravaganza of butt and ass play; between Halloween and Thanksgiving, we’ve got 24 days to play. By the time the turkey and dressing is a distant memory, you’re going to be an accomplished ass slut. If you go . . . → Read More: Spanksgiving Means Fun for Your Ass

Phone Sex Celebration with Mistress Vivian

Phone Sex Decadence Ten Years in the Making

Today begins Mistress Vivian’s 10 year anniversary with LDW Group!  Today through Saturday, November 5th, she is giving you 5 minutes FREE!  For all the sexy details, read THIS.  When can you find Ms. Viv to take part in these free minutes?  Look HERE. . . . → Read More: Phone Sex Celebration with Mistress Vivian

Ms. Lilly’s Australia Trip Oct 28th-Nov 16th

Goddess Gone Walkabout in the Great Barrier Reef

Hi, subbies! Don’t worry that you won’t see me on for calls for a while. I’m on the other side of the world having the vacation of a lifetime with my fiance James! We’re going on a Scuba diving pilgrimage to the Great Barrier Reef, and . . . → Read More: Ms. Lilly’s Australia Trip Oct 28th-Nov 16th