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CFNM: Sexy Safe Fun for Pervs Like You and I

Get Naked for Us

CFNM can be a very powerful turn on for men and women alike. If clothes don’t make the man they at least cover up what he is either most proud of or least thrilled with.

The clothing on one and not the other sets up a power differential, which is hard to resist for those turned on by power exchange and S&M.

Mistress Cindy

Does the thought of elegant women watching you squirm naked before them turn you on? I am willing to bet it does.

In fact, despite the embarrassment, or maybe better said, because of it, you will stand there as red as a beet with your penis as rigid as steel pointing to the North Star for navigational guidance.

CFNM Humiliation

You see, you are an LDW perv, not too unlike myself, who loves the idea of well-dressed women sitting in a circle while you stand there as naked as a jaybird jerking off in front of them as they giggle and seductively egg you on.

This is a powerful fantasy for most of you and denying it will only confirm my suspicions about you.

Having those erotic thoughts are fun and entertaining for you and me and nothing to be ashamed of. Exhibitionism is as old as we are and will live on in the world of sex forever.

So, if you’re getting hot and horny reading this post, perhaps it’s time for a little CFNM Skyping to get your swollen rocks off?

Besides, I’m sitting here all dressed up with no place to go!

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The Cuckold Husband’s Question

Cuckold Husband : Know Your Role

What happens when you take fantasy to reality? After talking for years about your wife having another lover, tonight’s the night. It’s going to become real. Are you curious about your place as a cuckold husband? Find the post “A Cuckold’s Place,” by Mistess Scarlet HERE.

A cuckold husband needs to know his role!


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Sissies – Time for Your Springtime Makeover

Sissy Makeover for the New Season

Mistress Erika welcomes all sissies to spring, the season when a sissy makeover is in order! Along with spring cleaning your home, let’s take a look at your sissy style and give it a lift! Time to revamp your closet and your sissy makeup. Don’t worry, all stages of sissy can participate. Even a wardrobe-less sissy can have some spring time sissy makeover fun! Check out Sissy Makover Springtime Edition by Mistress Erika HERE.


Get your springtime sissy makeover with Mistress Erika.

Sissy Trainer Mistress Erika


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Ms. Olivia: Feminization will Redefine You

Are you curious about feminization?feminization by Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-601-7259

When you are en femme … who are you? I know the difference between a crossdresser, sissy, and a transgendered girl. I know the myths about crossdressers and know you might be attracted to men en femme or you might be attracted to other women. There are so many nuances to gender play and feminization. You might also have no interest in being en femme — some men simply like the feel of silky lingerie!

No matter why you start wearing lingerie

I will talk with you and we will create your ultimate sexy scene or fantasy. This can even be your total submission to your Mistress during our session. I might do anything and everything I want with you and create you into my sexy girl. Who knows where we can go with this? Our imagination is the limit and I can tell you I have a very creative imagination. I know you also have the most amazing fantasies that you want to explore.

Beginning your journey with this Mistress

There are several ways for you to connect with me. I love to respond to your comments on my blog: Experienced Mistress. Feel free to send me an email. My email is olivia AT I’m also on Skype. My Skype ID is: Olivia.800.356.6169. One note about Skype, I don’t answer IM’s while I’m in a session or on a call. Feel free to reach out and then you can check the availability status on my blog.

Let’s connect!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia

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Cuckold Fluffer Aspirations

Do’s and Dont’s for the Prospective Cuckold Fluffer

You’ve decided that you want and need to be a very “proactive” cuckold. You want to do whatever you can to help prep the cock that will be fucking your wife (although the cuckoldress could be your girlfriend), making her cum over and over again and beg for more.

How is it that you can get those eager cocks super hard? That’s easy! You become a cuckold fluffer. Mistress EmmaJane has some tips on fluffer etiquette to guide you on your journey HERE.

Cuckold fluffer advice from Ms. EmmaJane.

Mistress EmmaJane


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Small Penis Questions


Questions about a Small Penis

Listen to me answer these questions from a guy with a small penis.

I love getting your questions for Mistress. Some questions are interesting … some are fun or funny .. and some are … well, you are the judge of these questions from someone with a small . . . → Read More: Small Penis Questions

Ms Olivia: How to talk with a Mistress

Mistress communication

Listen to my voice as I tell you about D/s communication.

You might be a shy guy wanting to call phone sex. You might be submissive and worried about telling your Goddess exactly what you need and want. No matter what the reason, you don’t really communicate with your Mistress. It’s important . . . → Read More: Ms Olivia: How to talk with a Mistress

Ms. Ryan’s Penthouse Forum style erotic fiction

There are occasions where you may find yourself unable to reach a live Mistress, whether due to circumstances, location, or opportunity. Whatever the reason, sometimes it’s just not possible to speak to someone. So, you turn to your inevitable spank bank when you want to get off but even that can get fairly old . . . → Read More: Ms. Ryan’s Penthouse Forum style erotic fiction

Tour the Virtual World Empire with Harper and Delia

This coming Sunday, March 11, 2018 at 11 pm EST, you are invited to tour the Empire with Delia and Harper!!!

No, not the Enchantrix Empire forums and social network. Although, that’s also super cool and you should be a member. I’m talking about the Empire on the Virtual World! For the past year . . . → Read More: Tour the Virtual World Empire with Harper and Delia

International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day – where women are celebrated around the world for their achievements in business, art, science, politics and more! Are you curious how a Fem Domme celebrates? Scarlet shares her plans for this wonderful occasion!

Read Ms. Scarlet’s post here and listen to her . . . → Read More: International Women’s Day