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Sexy Smart Girls at LDW

Are you intimidated by a girl with brains? Do nerdy chicks turn you on? Whichever it is; we are all smart girls here at LDW.

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Eight Reasons Why Having a Small Pecker is a Positive

Mistress Delia wants to know: Do you have a small penis?

There are upsides to having a small cock. It certainly makes small penis humiliation a good time! If you are hung like a hummingbird, Ms. Delia has some morale boosters that she shares HERE.

Ms. Delia talks about the upsides to having a small penis.

Mistress Delia


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Sissy-Only Lingerie Party

I have this amazingly fun Sissy-girlfriend I spend lots of time with (in all the ways you can imagine – winkwink) and she was going to be attending a Sissy-Only Lingerie Party in a few weeks and wanted something special. Custom. So she and I headed to our favorite sewist where she would be being measured. I teased her the whole time, which was big fun for me, but made her red-faced… which was the point after all.

Shrinking & Giantess Fetishes Exposed!

Shrinking & Giantess Fetishes by Ms Scarlet

Have you heard about these ‘little’ fetishes? It’s possible that you aren’t familiar with the titles but you might recognize some common fantasies. They may include female superheroes or even amazon warrior women; a 50 foot tall woman stomping around a city crushing skyscrapers!

Or it could just come down to a very tall woman squeezing your face between her muscular thighs. There are no limits when it comes to size and strength; that’s the point!

Listen to Ms. Scarlet or read her blog post here.


Do high heels turn you on?

Ms. Scarlet's high heelsDo high heels turn you on? Do you admire a sexy woman in a gorgeous pair of pumps? Miss Scarlet wants to know what you love about sexy high heels!

She has a new blog post and audio to share with you:




Mistress Brighton Celebrates Two Years With LDW

Mistress Brighton is giving away special gifts for her 2 year anniversary! 1-800-601-6975

It’s that time of year again, and in the month of June I’ve got a lot happening and sensual femdom phone sex specials just for you! It’s been two years since I first joined the mistresses of LDW . . . → Read More: Mistress Brighton Celebrates Two Years With LDW

Mistress Daphne joins the MILF Mistresses

Mistress Daphne  joins Mistress Vivian  as a new contributor to the Your MILF Mistresses site!

Her first submission, A MILF & Her Virgin Cub , describes her experiences with virgins of all ages… from their 20’s until past their 50’s. Besides her gentle respect for their decisions, she offers assistance in how to . . . → Read More: Mistress Daphne joins the MILF Mistresses

Virtual World CFNM Party!

Virtual World CFNM Party!

Hey there, Mistress Erika here to tell you about a hot~n~sexy event we are going to have in Virtual World! So join us, learn how here. We’ll see you for our first ever CFNM party in world on our Enchantrix Empire sim! This is your chance to get naked for us . . . → Read More: Virtual World CFNM Party!

Did you miss Ms. Scarlet?

Did you miss Ms. Scarlet? I know you did.

One of the perks of being such a busy phone sex girlfriend is that she gets to play hard – whenever she wants to! That means that she can be here for you for a few weeks and then just up and fly away to . . . → Read More: Did you miss Ms. Scarlet?

Psychic Mistress Harper

Have you ever had a psychic Mistress?

Sometimes folks are what we like to call “intuitive”. This intuition means that we can pick up on things that are often hidden, or kept secret. Have you ever known who was calling before you picked up the phone? Or wondered about a song, right before it . . . → Read More: Psychic Mistress Harper