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Join Ms. Harper each Sunday for Whore School

If you haven’t been listening to my podcast Whore School, you’re missing out.

In addition to episodes teaching you about negotiation and consent, there are episodes featuring some of your favorite Mistresses as guests! Brighton shared her love and joy over Sploshing and Food Play with us, while Scarlet brought her in depth understanding Cock and Ball Tease/Torture to the table. Listen to their guest spots on demand anytime, but seriously, listen soon! In January I had Dr. P, a PhD in Sociology and Gender/Women’s Studies on to discus gender in all it’s glorious complexity. And coming soon, Delia, Daphne, and Phoenix will all have their time to shine in the spotlight!

Gender guest speaker Whore School on Cock Radio 80 356 6169 sissy basicsWhore School is incredibly dirty, thinky, adult sex education.

If you’ve ever wondered about whether what you’re doing in the bedroom is normal, Whore School is for you. If you’ve ever thought that maybe you could do this better… If you’ve caught yourself googling anatomy terms to figure out what’s going on ‘down there’… If you’ve ~ever~ contemplated doing something kinky, perverted, or sexual at all… You need Whore School.

Whore School is a live weekly podcast.

You can tune in every Sunday at 11 pm Eastern to listen live. Hop into the Community Kink chatroom to participate during the show. You can also listen to the back catalog on demand, anytime. There are 35+ episodes for you to enjoy! That’s 35+ hours of quality naughty sex education to tickle your brain and educate your sexuality. I hope you will choose to join me each Sunday for Whore School. Remember: go get your STD tests, then go get laid!

Quicky teaser about the guest spots on Whore School, past and upcoming

Are you Ms. Scarlet’s cuckold?

Ms. Scarlet's cuckoldAre you a cuckold?

Miss Scarlet has created a simple, six part checklist that you can use to determine if you are a cuckold. Go through the list and consider each of the attributes that represent a typical cuckold; if even one applies to you – then it’s time to begin your cuckold lifestyle.

Read Ms. Scarlet’s post here.

Listen to Ms. Scarlet tell you more about her list.

Hot and naughty phone sex with Ms. Alexis

Hot and naughty femdom Mistress AlexisCan you believe it’s really been six years since I became an LDW Mistress? Though not the very beginning of my hot and naughty fetish phonesex journey, I can say that life did not truly begin for me until I found myself on the roster. Many ladies come and go, but I am still here with a renewed sense of pride and vigor. I am truly honored to be counted among such beautiful, talented ladies. Each and every one of us is hand-picked for our talents and overall awesomeness. Thank you again, LDW, for this opportunity to shine.

It’s about building relationships…

Even though we are primarily phone sex providers, not everyone calls for that reason, and that is very okay. I enjoy bonding with all of my callers and building a rapport that only grows stronger with time. Some of you have been with me from year one, so you deserve an extra special thank you. Thank you for giving me a shot. I guess in the end it was worth it.

Since January is my anniversary month, remember to give me a call and say hi! Even if I haven’t heard from you in a long time, don’t be shy. You can always come home again.

What makes phonesex so great…

Whether it’s erotic storytelling, or fulfilling cuckold fantasies, or just talking about your work day, there’s an emotional component to each call that is meant to be savored. It’s that x-factor that comes into play when you find yourself asking what is it about phonesex that makes it so fun? Yes, it is hot and naughty, but it’s also about making a connection to a special world that you can visit again and again. It is fantasy made real. And that is something truly priceless.

Listen to Ms. Alexis

Listen to Cock Tease Mistress Alexis Anytime You Want!

Cock teasing erotic audios  from Mistress Alexis - Get the bundle!We are coasting down the snowy hills of 2016 and hurtling into the new year at top speed! Are you excited? I am! I’ll admit, it’s mostly because part 3 of my chastity premium audio series has been available for purchase for awhile now. I had so much fun recording it. Now you can add it to your erotic audios collection.

The voice that was made for tease and denial.

Go on, you can admit it. You’re a fan of the cock tease Mistress. When it comes to orgasm control I never make any promises. Smart women never do. With a voice like mine I don’t have to. Don’t believe me? Check out this erotic audio sample and tell me your pants aren’t suddenly feeling very tight.

Male chastity done right.

What’s the point of having a cock-locked male on-hand if I’m not going to give him a hard time? Those balls should be aching endlessly. That bottom lip should be all a-quiver. And if it’s one thing I know, it’s that it takes time to make a chastity slave fall in line.

That’s why this sexy set of three cock teasing audios is now available as a bundle so you can pick them up in one shot, add them to your .mp3 player of choice and start stroking. Those balls are gonna be so full by the time I’m done with you. Plus you get to find out just what happens to my little chastity pet. Maybe I’ll go easier on you than him. Somehow, I doubt it.


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Sugar Plum Femdoms – Holiday Blog Train

sugar plum femdoms

All aboard! Mistress Brighton is hosting Sugar Plum Femdoms, the 2016 Christmas blog train. Kinky Wonderland was a blast, last year, so we’re doing it again. The blog train kicked off yesterday with yours truly, and every day until the 31st there will be a new, holiday themed blog entry from one of the LDW Mistresses. Wanna ride the train? Head over to Enchatrix Tease and get all the juicy details, plus find out where our next stop is on this holiday journey! Hope to see you there!

christmas blog train

Mistress Brighton invites you to Sugar Plum Femdoms blog train. 1-800-601-6975

Pirouettes in the Ballet Class

I heard the story of how you boldly entered class today, having lost most of your embarrassment at being a grown man in a girls’ ballet class. Read what Ms. Daphne has written for you in the latest installment of her series on ballet classes here. . . . → Read More: Pirouettes in the Ballet Class

Two Mistress Sexmas Festivities

HAPPY HOLIDAYS Once again it is that time of year to celebrate. Every Saturday morning in December, Ms Tori and Ms Cooper will be doing two Mistress calls from 8am-12pm EST. If you play with both of us for a call of 30 minutes or more we will give you a Holiday gift of 10 . . . → Read More: Two Mistress Sexmas Festivities

Edging Masturbation with Ms. Simone

Edging Masturbation with purpose and wish fulfillment.

Edging Masturbation for wishes!

Yes, this is an actual thing and perfect for the holidays.  Do you ever wish that you could just stroke your cock and magically make things appear?  Well, now, for 2016, in Simone’s world of magical pleasure and demonic delights, YOU CAN! . . . → Read More: Edging Masturbation with Ms. Simone

Mistress Daphne’s Sissy Ballet Series

So many of you girls have played out Ballet Class fantasies with me, I thought it would be big fun to have a Sissy Ballet series for you!

So far, there are FOUR installments:

Ballet Class: Mistress’ Command – Our sissy learns about his future as a ballerina.

Ballet Class: Prep for . . . → Read More: Mistress Daphne’s Sissy Ballet Series



Time to celebrate the holidays with our Enchanting Reindeer Game! It’s easy and fun to play. Call our dispatchers and tell them you want to sign up to play. Give us your name and an email address so we can let . . . → Read More: LDW ENCHANTING REINDEER GAME!