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Ms. Piper and Dirty Santa Team Up to Bring You FREE CUSTOM EROTIC AUDIOS

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Get your custom erotic audio – 800-601-7259

Ms. Piper knows what you really want for Christmas is to stuff your Spank Bank Stocking with plenty to keep you warm all year.

That’s why she’s announcing 12 Days You Can Get Excited About: Dirty Santa’s Jolly Old Spank Bank Stocking Stuffers. This is your chance to get your custom erotic audio script recorded by your favorite Mindfuck Femdom Mistress!

It’s easy to submit your script for Mistress Piper’s Promotion. All you have to do is use this special form: Dirty Santa Spank Bank Stocking Stuffer Script Submission

Now, it wouldn’t be a Femdom Phone Sex Mistress Promo without RULES, and Mistress Piper has a few.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • Ms. Piper is accepting submissions for erotic audio scripts here: Dirty Santa’s Spank Bank Stocking Stuffer FREE CUSTOM AUDIO form.
  • Your submission needs to be no longer than 3 to 5 minutes in length. To give you an idea of how long of a Earbudsscript you should write, Ms. Piper generally reads 250 to 300 words in around 3 minutes. To be safe, keep your script under 500 words!
  • Your script must conform to LDW’s TOS, which means there are certain subjects she will not record. Generally, if we can’t talk about it on calls, she won’t be recording it. In addition to that requirement, there are a few things she cannot post online. If you have any questions about what’s okay to record, just email her at piper at enchantrixempire dot com.
  • She only has 12 available slots for free custom audios, so make sure your script is top notch if you want it to be recorded. Ms. Piper always has the final word on what happens during her promos, so don’t even think about getting your panties in a twist if your script isn’t chosen.
  • Finally, if you are a regular client of Ms Piper, you will get preferential treatment when she’s choosing scripts to record. This doesn’t mean she’s ONLY recording scripts from her clients, however. Even if you’ve never called her, if your script is good and she thinks her readers will enjoy it, send it on! Ms Piper will happily record it if she has a slot open.

You have your marching orders, boys! Get to writing if you want your stocking stuffed this year!

Click here to listen to all the dirty details of this exciting promotion in Mistress Piper’s sexy voice: 12 Days You Can Get Excited About: Dirty Santa’s Jolly Old Spank Bank Stocking Stuffers

Making Phone Sex Calls In Secret

To what lengths will you go to indulge in a conversation with your favorite Mistress? To have a marathon masturbation session? To just be able to spend a few moments in her dominating presence?

I know you love to be a secret phone sex caller; where have you called Me from?

Listen to Ms. Scarlet here.


Ms. Andi’s Kinky Advent Calendar

Kinky fun

December is here. I love this time of year. I celebrate Christmas and one of my favorite memories is the Advent Calendar. Each day leading up to Christmas. I would eat my breakfast and then get to open one of the doors to the Advent Calendar. Behind each door was a sweet treat! I wanted to do something similar. So I decided to do a Kinky Advent Calendar. If you don’t celebrate Christmas– I don’t mean any disrespect and this Calendar is for everyone to enjoy! I hope that everyone that encounters my “Calendar” takes the time to enjoy!

No matter what you celebrate- I hope you have a peaceful holiday and that your days are filled with lots of kinky goodness!

To check out my Kinky Advent Calendar please take a look and listen here on my phone sex princess blog page: Dec 2017 Kinky Advent Calendar

Happy Holidays!

Princess Andi

Princess Andi’s Holiday Guide for Sissies

Guide for SissiesHappy Holidays Everyone! This is for the sissies and anyone else that is into feminization. I would like to personally invite you to check out Princess Andi’s Holiday Guide for Sissies. This holiday guide is designed for those of you that are obsessed with all things girlie.

I am going to share tips on various subjects that concern feminization. In my first installment, Feminization- How to walk in heels, I give 12 specific tips on what it takes to have a sexy gait while you wear those sexy shoes that you keep dreaming about. If you follow my tips, you will be walking in those sexy shoes with one hell of a sexy walk in no time!

In my second informative blog post, I wrote a tutorial on How to Tuck Your Dick. This informative tutorial will give you suggestions on the best way to give the flat front that you desire. To get the perfect tuck you will need to practice-practice-practice! Other than practicing I share the tools that are best used to help give you the perfect tuck. In this tutorial, I discuss the tools that you will need and how to use them. I also give helpful tips and discuss most over looked issues like panties when it comes to tucking your dick.

Please keep checking my blog out for a few more installments of my Princess Andi’s Holiday Guide for Sissies. If there is an issue that you think would be perfect for me to address in my Guide for Sissies, don’t hesitate to reach out and share your suggestions with me. I would love to hear from you and will consider your suggestion.

Princess Andi



Dick Taker

Confess to Mistress Scarlet

Have you been keeping a secret? Watching porn that no-one would suspect by a guy like you? I know what you’ve been hiding. I know what you are. It’s time to confess to Scarlet.

Confess your cock sucking fantasies to Ms. Scarlet.


To read “The Dick Taker,” click HERE.  To listen to Ms. Scarlet read this post, click HERE.


More kinky sites for FemDom phone sex.


To call Mistress Scarlet, click HERE.

Visit Ms. Scarlet’s blog:

Meet Mistresses Maura and Jacqueline on the Naughty Realm show

This week on the Naughty Realm show I have guest Mistresses Maura and Jacqueline joining me live on air to answer your questions. You can send any questions in beforehand (just email them to me or you can just join us in the chat room at Community Kink to ask your questions live.

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Heat Up Those Cold Nights With Mandy!

Do any of you recall when I first began my LDW career? Well, I was a part-timer for a few years (back then), and I worked predominantly nights.

I think there’s a little part of me that is longing for that late night feel again.

So, here is the deal!  Starting in December, or . . . → Read More: Heat Up Those Cold Nights With Mandy!

Mark Your Calendars – More Free Phone Sex for Our Most Devoted Callers!

Wednesday, November 15th will be a special celebration for our most loyal clients! If you’ve purchased at least 15 calls in the past 5 years with us, or purchased 150 minutes or more on the phone or text, you’ll get a gift of 15 free minutes to talk to your favorite Mistress! You can . . . → Read More: Mark Your Calendars – More Free Phone Sex for Our Most Devoted Callers!

Afternoon Delight with Ms. Vivian

Your Afternoon Delight is On the House

It’s a shame really, that your lover doesn’t share the same cravings for a daily 5 minute pounding, that you jokingly call an afternoon delight. Maybe she finds the idea of lifting her skirt in the supply closet perverse, but I don’t.

Set the alarm on . . . → Read More: Afternoon Delight with Ms. Vivian

LDW 15th Anniversary Extravaganza!

LDW 15th Anniversary Extravaganza!

During the first week of LDW’s 15th Anniversary Month, EVERYONE gets a free 5 minute call! Whether you’ve called us before or not, whether it’s been years since your last call or whether you’ve already called today, you are invited to call in for a free 5 minute call EVERY . . . → Read More: LDW 15th Anniversary Extravaganza!