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Pass the Penis: There are Many Ways to Play

Play Pass the Penis with Princess Andi.Hello, Daily Cock fans. This is Princess Andi, and I want to say, Pass the Penis is going strong. Lots of sexy fun going on out there, and with the generous savings being offered this month to celebrate Masturbation May, Pass the Penis is being offered at a discounted rate. There is no reason not to take a chance and play.

When most people think of Pass the Penis they think it’s all about different edging and or stroking techniques and, as much fun as that is, playing pass the penis doesn’t have to be limited to just that. Here are some fun ways you can play Pass the Penis this Masturbation May:

Many Ways to Play Pass the Penis

Pass the Spanker: Are you into corporal punishment? Well, hell yes, then you need to play. Bring your favorite spanking implements and be prepared to be spanked by as many mistresses as you can. This can be very fun and exciting, not just for you, the spankee, but for the Mistress that gets to spank you as well. Gee, I wonder how long it will be before you can sit without grimacing?

Pass the Cum Eater: This can be fun by having you eat your cum out of a condom or off a plate. Make more cum drippings for the next mistress to have you eat up for her. The possibilities are countless. You can even play Pass the Penis using the eating cum out of a condom challenge that I wrote about recently.

Pass the Sissy: Every gurl dreams of being passed around, having to change clothes and be feminized by different Mistresses. One Mistress might have you paint your nails, another might tell you what skirt to put on. There are so many things we Mistresses love to do with you beautiful ladies. Anything can happen. I also like to  call this Pass the Clitty.

Pass the Pain Slut: Are you a pain slut? Like cbt, nipple torment and other types of pain? Well, how exiting is it to be passed from Mistress to Mistress and experience various forms of cbt and delicious torment?

Pass the Cock Sucker: If you are looking to learn how to suck a cock and learn different techniques and please different Mistresses through the process, now is your chance to do it. Bring your favorite dildos and anything else you might need to keep you comfortable while taking cock sucking instruction and pick up the phone.

Pass the Humiliation Slut: Perhaps you need to experience different types of humiliation? Maybe you want to confess things to different mistresses that make you turn red in the face. Does it turn you on, entertaining Mistresses and having strong woman laugh at you? Well, this is a great way to get passed around and everyone has fun!

Play Pass the Penis to celebrate Masturbation May 2016.Let’s have fun this Masturbation May

This Masturbation May is about having fun and celebrating all the sexy ways you can masturbate. I just suggested some fun ways to play Pass the Penis and save money this May while doing it. If you have not tried Pass the Penis, I encourage you to do it. LDW is giving a generous discount to all of you that play Pass the Penis during the month of Masturbation May.

Princess Andi



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Chastity Training and Orgasm Denial

No Choice in Chastity

Miss Scarlet wants you to know chastity isn’t a choice for all men. You may think you’re in control, but chastity is all about letting go of it! When you take that first step, and offer your orgasms to a dominant woman, the choices are all taken away. Ms. Scarlet explains why chastity is not always a choice HERE.


Chastity training with Ms. Scarlet is Her choice, not yours!


To call Mistress Scarlet, click HERE.

Visit Ms. Scarlet’s Blog:

Ms. Lilly’s LDW Anniversary

Hi, subbies! May is home to National Masturbation month and something else that’s deliciously kinky.

It’s also my anniversary with LDW! I’m celebrating another glorious year of getting to play with all of you sissies, strokers, CBT addicts, humiliation whores, edge pets, and denial toys! I’ve had a wonderful time, and I’m looking forward to another year of mercilessly having my gleefully & sweetly sadistic way with you.

Ms Lilly's Masturbation May CelebrationMasturbation May is the perfect month for me to celebrate my LDW anniversary.

And there are tons of ways that you can help me make it a celebration I’ll never forget! Feel free to spoil your Goddess, and you can also participate in the LDW’s Masturbation May celebration. Join in on the Enchantrix Empire essay competition for your chance to win some very kinky rewards, enjoy a few (or a LOT) of games of Pass the Penis at a special rate, and if you think you have what it takes to be the sluttiest or the most devoted stroker for the Ladies of LDW–don’t forget to let Dispatch know that you’d like to throw your cock into the competition for some truly amazing prizes & bragging rights! You can also check out Miss Nadia’s and my two Mistress tag team special for bonus erotic audios for strokers brave enough to surrender to our diabolical clutches for 30 minutes or more.

Masturbation May celebrations are going on all month long, so drop trow and come on down for the kinkiest party of the year!

Don’t forget to shout out in the comments below and tell me how you plan to make this very amazing, deliciously kinky month one for the record books, and don’t forget to call in and help me celebrate another wonderful year.

Listen to more from Ms. Lilly here.

Office Fantasies

Erotic Fantasies at the Office

Hello, strokers!  Do you have erotic fantasies about your workplace?  Perhaps bending the receptionist over your desk, hiking up her skirt to find, whoops, she forgot to put on panties that day!  Or maybe your kinky thoughts gravitate more toward your female boss.  You, hiding under her desk, giving her oral pleasure as she attempts to do business with a straight face.  If you have fantasies of this nature, then you and Princess Andi have something in common.  Read more HERE about how Princess Andi picked out the new desk for her office with help from some kinky office fantasies.


Erotic Fantasies at the office with Princess Andi.

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How is Your Masturbation May Shaping Up

Masturbation May – Masturbator of the Month Contest

Hi there, Daily Cock fans! How is your Masturbation May shaping up? I have lots of sexy images of all kinds of sexy fapping fun happening around the empire. I kicked off May 1 with my sexy Masturbation Anticipation post. I believe Masturbation Anticipation is something we can all relate to.

I am so looking forward to seeing who receives Masturbator of the Month’s first prize. Were you aware that we are having a contest? It’s not too late to go for it!

Here are the sexy details, as there are 2 ways of winning the Masturbator of the Month:

There will be 2 categories for winners.

How is your Masturbation May shaping up?

1. Sluttiest Stroker: This means the guy who makes the most calls to different ladies during the Month of Masturbation May. If you are going to try and win this contest, remember that YOU must inform dispatch on all of your calls that you are participating in the contest so dispatch can keep track.

Will you be the Most Dedicated Stroker for Masturbation May?

2. Most Dedicated Stroker: This prize will be given to the man who does the most amount of minutes during the month of May, with one or even more than one Mistress. If you are going to try and win this contest, remember that YOU must inform dispatch on all of your calls that you are participating in the contest so dispatch can keep track.

The prizes for both of those winners are as follows:

1) bragging rights – Now who doesn’t like to brag? You will be the envy of all  Enchantrix Empire!
2) $100.00 LDW Spank Bank Credit –  That means you will have $100.00 credit to use on future calls.
3) Masturbation Gift Basket – This will be a hand-humpers delight. This goodie-filled basket will help aid in your masturbation.

But the Masturbator of the Month is not all that’s happening during Masturbation May. Click here for all the details.

I hope that you are having a very sexy May. Don’t forget to take time to pick up the phone and celebrate with your favorite LDW phone sex Mistress. I know I am having a very sexy time celebrating Masturbation May and have even enjoyed some of the new sexy toys I have received to celebrate.

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Kinky Princess Andi Loves Older Men

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Breathing Techniques for a Better Orgasm

Intense Orgasms Through Mindful Breathing

Mistress Scarlet wants to help you have more intense orgasms. She has a technique she would like to share with you to do just that! Honestly, who doesn’t want to have mind blowing orgasms? Read about Ms. Scarlet’s technique HERE or listen to her audio below.

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Two Mistress Masturbation Tag Team – Ms. Lilly and Ms. Nadia

May is National Masturbation Month, and what better way celebrate than with a two Mistress masturbation tag team?

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Masturbation Fun the Entire Month of May

Masturbation May is Going to Rock Your Cock

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