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Cum Eating: Now or Later

Cum Eating Question

Are you new to coached cum eating? Perhaps you’re already a pro? Scarlet will be answering the commonly asked question, “Do I eat my cum right after orgasm or should I wait to eat it?” Your favorite cum eating instructor has the answer!

Cum eating for Mistress Scarlet.

The Scarlet Mistress

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The Scarlet Mistress answers the cum eating questions!

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Edge play phone sex with Ms. Alexis

tease and denial phonesex with Mistress AlexisI absolutely love to control the orgasms of men through tease and denial phone sex. They always ask me to tell them in detail exactly how I would deprive them of the orgasm they want so much but know that they don’t deserve. And I, being the lovely brat that I am, am always willing to tell them in wickedly exquisite detail.

Edging and begging go hand in hand…

If you think you’re going to be tied up for 20 minutes and then I’m going to let you have an orgasm, you thought wrong. Really, really wrong. Instead of an orgasm, you will be erotically teased and tormented for until *I* tire of you. For how long? I have no idea. I guess it depends on what kind of mood I’m in when I get a hold of you.

I will sit you in a chair without permission to use your hands and only a fleshlight for company, along with my voice of course, and make your life a living hell for the better part of a day. You might think it’s all fun and games and that I’m not serious, but that’s not true at all.

With tease and denial there’s only one guarantee…

Right now though I need you to listen closely to me. If I feel like you are in need of it, it will go further than just leaving you in that chair. It’s a case by case basis kind of thing, but some guys who call me for orgasm control will end up in chastity. It could be for any number of reasons. Men who think they are God’s gift to women and deserve whatever they want, losers with tiny dicks, chronic masturbators… you are all good candidates for chastity.

Are you brave enough to call me for edgeplay phone sex? I don’t think you are. Prove me wrong.

Humiliation Scavenger Hunt

For the month of August, Mistress Harper is running a Humiliation Scavenger Hunt!

All you have to do is find all the places Mistress Harper posts about humiliation, online, and leave a comment! Keep track of where you found each Humiliating tidbit, and at the end of the month, provided you’ve caught them all, you get a free call! Join the Humiliation Scavenger Hunt for all the embarrassing, humiliating, down and dirty details on all the different ways you get turned on and embarrassed!

8006017259 humiliation scavenger huntBasically, we’re all built to react to erotic humiliation.

When you get embarrassed, your heart races, your breath speeds up, your blood pressure elevates, blood rushes to your extremities and you flush. When you get turned on, your heart races, your breath speeds up, your blood pressure elevates, blood rushes to your extremities and you flush. Because both arousal and embarrassment are using the exact same metabolic pathways, a little erotic humiliation can feel very, very good. It feels like being turned on, and that can lead to some fun humiliation games between you and your partner.

So since we’re all into it, we may as well celebrate it!

Let’s get hot, sweaty, embarrassed and totally aroused for August. Can you find all the dirty details? Here’s a freebie: Harper started early and posted on Sunday, right before her Whore School episode, on her blog.



Join Ms. Harper's Humiliation Scavenger Hunt!

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Tease Countdown

Masturbation Game Audio for Your Listening Pleasure

Mistress Rachel’s streak of audio inspiration continues with another recording, available now at  Cock Tease Countdown.  A mid-length audio at just under 12 minutes, this is a fun purchase for those who like to play stroking games, enjoy tease and denial or delay, edging, or ruined orgasms, because any one of those is a possibility! Purchase this masturbation game audio from Ms. Rachel.

Miss Rachel carefully explains the game, with the intention that you’ll play a longer version during your next session, and then takes you through a short round of it at the end.  She guides you through the stroking techniques in a mischievous purr that long time callers will recognize, and that those unfamiliar with Her will find as stimulating as the strokes are challenging.

It gets even better:  For the rest of July, all audios in the store are 50% off, which brings this well-crafted piece of fun down to an extremely reasonable price for what you’re getting.  Just enter the coupon code, JackinJuly, at checkout.

Want to hear a sample?  Click below!



More kinky sites for FemDom phone sex.

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Femdom Audio from Ms. Rachel

Mistress Rachel has been particularly inspired to record a femdom audio this week.  The first fruits of that inspiration has just been made available in the audio store, Sissy Feminization Mezmerizer.  Is there such a thing as Sissy Techno?  If there isn’t, there should be, because this audio will have your feet tapping in their peep-toe heels, while massaging your sissy mind into further depths of gurl-hood.

Listen to Ms. Rachel's new femdom audio!

At just over five minutes long, this audio draws you in quickly, and leaves you wanting more.  It’s short enough that you can easily make it part of your daily regimen without completely derailing your schedule, though you might want to listen to it over and over again!

And this month, while Our audio sale continues, you can get your gurl-y brain teased for a steal!  Just use the code JackinJuly at checkout, and receive it, and any other audio in the store, at half price!  But don’t you chastity sissies go getting any ideas.  It’s a coupon code, not permission to masturbate.



More kinky sites for FemDom phone sex.

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Cock Sucker Audio From Mistress Alexis

A New Erotic Audio

If you’ve been on the fence about whether you just might be a cock sucker, then there is a new erotic audio available for purchase by Mistress Alexis in the Enchantrix Audios store. Let her voice guide you on a deep meditative journey as you explore your inner cock whore. . . . → Read More: Cock Sucker Audio From Mistress Alexis

Caribbean Vacation Cuckolding Tips

All-inclusive adults only resorts are excellent opportunities to meet BBC studs.

While there’s no guarantee you’ll find a stud willing to play, it doesn’t hurt to stack the deck in your favor. These tips were passed on to me from some cuckold couples James and I met on a recent Caribbean Cruise, . . . → Read More: Caribbean Vacation Cuckolding Tips

Celebrate the New Audio Store

Erotic Audios: Jack in July for Half the Price

We know you love and lust the sultry voices belonging to the Mistresses of Enchantrix Empire. Here is a way to enjoy those sexy voices whenever you want! Purchase an audio from the *NEW* audio store now through the end of July for 50% OFF! . . . → Read More: Celebrate the New Audio Store

BBC Cuckolding on Your Caribbean Vacation

The Caribbean is a Cuckold Paradise

On James and my most recent Caribbean cruise, we ran into a LOT of cuckold couples on the islands! Once I explained I would love to share their tips and experiences with my callers, they opened up on exactly why the Caribbean is a premier, world-famous . . . → Read More: BBC Cuckolding on Your Caribbean Vacation

Ms Lilly’s Tips for Kinksters & Adventurers Alike

The Caribbean: Paradise for Kinksters & Adventurers Alike

Carnival Fascination

Hi subbies 🙂 James and I recently returned from an amazing vacation—a 7 Day cruise out of San Juan, Puerto Rico. We visited St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and St. Maarten, and had a fantastic time! The islands were . . . → Read More: Ms Lilly’s Tips for Kinksters & Adventurers Alike