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The Sissy Pageant is Happening Now – Enter to Win

You can't win a Sissy prize if you don't enter the Sissy Pageant!
The 2017 Sissy Pageant is happening NOW! The Mistresses will be voting on March 23rd, so HURRY if you haven’t entered yet!

How to Enter

All you have to do is get dressed up and post your picture in our Enchantrix Empire Sissy Pageant group (if you aren’t a member of make sure to join, it’s free!) You can post your picture in any one of the three categories for you to choose from. Classiest Sissy….Sluttiest Sissy….Cutest Sissy. Make sure to note which category you want to be judged in (yes, you have to pick ONE).

Post your pictures by 12 pm Eastern on March 23, 2017, so that the Mistresses can have time to vote on their favorites.
We will be announcing the winner during a special 2-hour Sissy Pageant radio show, live, on Spreaker and in our adult chat room on March 25th from 8pm eastern till 10 pm eastern.


All we ask is that your pictures are of you fully clothed, no naughty bits showing, and one entry per sissy, please.


Each winner will win a sexy sissy gift basket full (and we do mean full) of things picked out special from and by our Mistresses. (And each winner gets a sash, too.) Of course, they will also get to brag to everyone they won with a special graphic announcing you are the winner.


You can’t win if you don’t enter, so what are you waiting for?!

Fun and kinky goodies from Ms. Daphne

Wheeee! I’ve updated my Audios Page, boys & girls! Here, you’ll find some fun and kinky goodies to whet your appetite… and your panties. *snickerlaugh* Here is a sample for you girls:

Sissy Tea Party

Take a listen and let me know your thoughts… would love to know what YOU would like some Audios of, too. Email me anytime!

Have fun!

Erotic She Male Fun

Ms Erin loves erotic She Male FunErotic She Male Fun

Lately I have had a very sexy boi call for something very unusual. The fantasy of me being a hot and largely endowed she male just like him. I specialize in unusual erotic fantasies. The fantasy is as such:

I am a trans gender sex therapist who dresses in fetish wear during sessions with this patient. Since I am getting nowhere with his/her therapy, I decide to give her/him a grand surprise. I unzip my leather skirt and offer a new therapy. It’s called the “lips on” therapy. You can guess what rises from there can’t you? I tell him if he can make me cum and eat my cum, his session will be free for this day.

Of course we know that this would be unethical in reality, but this is fantasy of course. He manages to eat my cum after a spectacular blow job session and I give him a session punch card. When he gets to ten sessions, I give him a bonus blow job as a reward. In between, there are conventional sessions dealing with his need for therapy beyond sexual release.

In a session, that is unconventional for points, I reveal my newly built tits. They are unusual tits, they are lactating tits with a yogurt based liquid. This solves his therapy issues. All he needed was nurturing, and of course being Mistress Erin’s little play slave after therapy issues are finally resolved.

I am Mistress Erin and entertain unconventional kinky fantasies. I am a sensual Mistress with an open mind, a talent for unusual role play. Let me fill up your punch card!

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Whore School Round Up

If you’re not a regular listener of Cock Radio, you may be unaware of Whore School, the adult sex education podcast by me, Harper!

Let me be the first to invite you to come on over and give it a listen. Whore School brings you a weekly dose of perverted sex ed, with an emphasis on the decidedly non-vanilla. If you’ve ever enjoyed women’s panties, cum eating, or medical play, you’ll find an episode to give you all the details. Whore School is up to 43 hour long episodes, and covers a wide range of topics. You can listen live every Sunday night at 11 pm Eastern (8 pm Pacific), or you can hit the entire back catalog on demand at any time!

Whore School on Cock Radio 80 356 6169 sissy basicsWhore School airs weekly, so there’s always fresh new shows for you to enjoy.

Start at the beginning with Dirty Slut vs Sweet Virgin, and hear all about the genesis of the show, as well as learn a bit about societal standards around sexual mores. Also, you’ll learn exactly how easy it is to distract me! During the live show you can jump into the Community Kink chat room and play Distract Mistress Harper and Make Her Loose Her Train Of Thought. If you’d rather learn all about Anatomy and Physiology, you can! No matter what your personal kink is, if I haven’t covered it yet you can bet I will soon.

This Spring and Summer, Whore School has some fun special episodes lined up.

Dr. P, who talked to us about Gender and Sexuality will be back! I had so much fun with her, I instantly invited her to return. She’ll bring us her area of expertise: Men Seeking Men or MSM, that lovely understudied subsection of sexual behavior that features straight men who seek out men for sex while never once identifying as gay. I’m so jazzed for that!

We’ll also have a friend of mine on for a special show; she’s out and proud trans, post transition, and is willing to come talk about current trans issues. Interested in the process? Got questions? Need answers? Just you wait.

Also on the docket is a guest to discuss polyamory, or multiple relationships. Ethical polyamory isn’t for everyone, and figuring out whether it’d work for you before you start adding partners is probably a good idea. She’ll be able to give insight into loving more than one person at a time.

I hope you’ll join us for Whore School each week!

No need to bring an apple for Teacher, just your smiling faces and eager questions will be enough for me. If there’s a topic you’d love to have covered, please let me know! You can email me at harper@enchantrixempire(dot)com, leave a comment here or on my blog, or send it through the wires via our Live Help Ladies.

Class is in session!


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Forget about March Madness…Let’s try a little Mandy Madness!!!

It’s time to step up and compete to make my 7-Year Anniversary the best EVER! That’s right, March is my 7- Year Anniversary with LDW and I want you to help make it amazing!!! Seven is very special and I want YOU to make it even more special for me!

So, instead of March Madness let’s try a little Mandy Madness!!

My competition will include 3 categories: (1) the individual who has the longest call (2) the individual who calls on the most days (3) and the individual who has the most (total) minutes.

For those of you who just can’t bear to say goodbye to me you’ll likely be in the running for the longest call. If you win, 10 free minutes will be yours. 🙂

For those of you looking or needing a more frequent dose of me, my voice, my laugh, my humiliation, or perhaps my guidance and/or support…you’ll likely find yourself on track to win total call days. And if you do, 15 free minutes shall be yours. 🙂

And for those of you who simply want me ALL of the time (if that was possible) and would rather spend hours and hours with your Goddess instead of almost anything else! Well…it will likely be you that captures total minutes and in turn top prize of 20 free minutes with me. 🙂

So, in addition to these 3 categories, there will also be 2 other awards given, “Participation Awards”. You may win a participation award one of two ways… call me for 250 minutes or more AND/OR call me on 7 or more days. And if you win, 7 free minutes will be added to your April call. 🙂

Here are the Special Rules (AKA the Fine Print):

1) This competition runs from March 1-31st.

2) All prizes and participation awards (free minutes) must be used in April.

3) You can only win 1 (one) prize.

4) Winning a prize makes you ineligible for any other prize or participation award.

5) If you do not win a prize you are eligible for 1 (one) participation award.

6) Only 1 (one) call per day counts towards “call days”. You may call me 4X in one day but that will only be 1 (one) call day of the 7 (seven).

7) Everyone who qualifies for a participation award may add 7 free minutes to 1 (one) call in April. There is no limit on the number of individuals who may win.

There’s no pay if you don’t play!!! Good luck to you all and let’s have some fun!!!

60-Years Old & His First Spanking!

At my recent Sex Party Weekend, I met the sweetest older gentleman who had spent decades wishing to be spanked. He took a step of bravery, coming to this Swinger Weekend, hoping to finally feel someone’s hand on his aging bottom.

When I heard his story, I knew I could help facilitate his wishes. . . . → Read More: 60-Years Old & His First Spanking!

Ms. Daphne’s Pussy Hurts

I spent FOUR DAYS with 100 of my most perverted and horny friends, and yes, my pussy hurts!

In this post, I give an overview of the long weekend, all posts-in-the-making. Your Mistress is a slut!

Ms. Kaymarie loves her undercover sissies

Hello all my sweet sissies. It’s that time of year. It’s Valentine’s Day! Love and sex and all things sweet (oh and a little naughty too) fill the air. I happen to know that all girls, some just deep down inside, love Valentine’s Day ~ even just a little bit. And sissies are no . . . → Read More: Ms. Kaymarie loves her undercover sissies

Do you need practice being a fluffer?

Experienced cock suckers are very familiar with the term ‘fluffer’. If you’re new to the dick pleasuring experience; let Mistress Scarlet teach you the ins and the outs!

Read Ms. Scarlet’s post here.

Listen to Ms. Scarlet read it to you here.

Ms. Daphne loves giving hand jobs

You love hand jobs, don’t you? Well, I love giving them. Let’s see if you’d like the kind I give! *squirting lube on my hands* See what Ms. Daphne has waiting for you here.