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Mistress Courtney’s Masturbation Interviews

The Masturbation Interviews

Hey, strokers! Have you heard about Mistress Courtney’s Masturbation Interviews? Sexy interviews with voluntary participants, sharing their masturbation experiences. Yes, even YOU can be interviewed, if you so choose.  Read THIS for details on how you can have your masturbation story shared. Ms. Courtney loves hearing from you!

Masturbation Interviews - Share your masturbation experience.

Ms. Courtney of  The Masturbation Interviews


The latest interview is with Jake from Houston. Click the banner below to read this interview.


Race Play: Fantasies Explored

Share your fantasies with Ms. DaphneWe are complex human beings. We can be sensitive and kind, yet our fantasies can border on the bizarre (some think they are bizarre, probably not me!).

So where does Fetishizing come into a non-racist, non-sexist, non-ist’s-of-any-kinds’ fantasies? Does it mean you are, deep down, a mean, cruel, hateful person?


We can have dichotomous sides of our personalities.

We can be respectful of people’s differences, while also wanting to incorporate them in our play. (This is a discussion occurring on the Net in a huge way, if you want to see other people’s thoughts on the topic. Note: they are not always kind!)

BBC? A submissive Asian woman? A transwoman? Sucking cock? Desiring a certain color of hair? Eyes? Skin? Language?

It’s ALL awesome.

It’s time to ditch the shame and enjoy our (sometimes) twisted parts we might not share with many others. I am sure you already know you can share with me!

Listen to Ms. Daphne and read her post here.

Locked in Chastity

Don’t you wish you could be locked in chastity?

I know I wish I could lock you in chastity. You’d be so cute and docile, all locked up, waiting patiently for me to decide to reward you. Just think: if you were locked in chastity, you wouldn’t have to worry so much about if and when and how you were going to make your mess, now would you? You could live your life with so much more free time to devote to the good things in life. If you were all locked up, you wouldn’t be spending hours upon hours every week just playing with yourself. You’d be able to finally master that musical instrument, learn a second language, or even go for that promotion at work!

Just think of all the positive benefits that come from being locked in chastity.

locked in chastity 800 356 6169You’ll have more free time, because instead of wanking in the morning, at your dinner break, and then again before bed, you’ll be completely unable to get an erection at all! No more coming back late from your lunch break with hands that smell like spunk, and at last you’ll have enough attention to focus on actually pleasing your wife with your mouth like a good eager spouse should. You won’t be focused on your own pleasure like a greedy asshole: you’ll know that if you’re good enough you might get to cum this month! Provided, of course, you lick her pussy like you fucking mean it.

If you’re curious about being locked in chastity, give me a call.

I can walk you through picking out the perfect chastity device, guide you in bringing the topic up with your significant other, and even help you figure out how to attract a significant other if you don’t already have one! No more lonely nights spent listlessly wanking another one out, instead, locked in chastity you’ll have the time to actually work on self improvement! Cooking lessons, learn to play the guitar, and even figure out how properly worship a woman’s body. Try chastity today, and I guarantee you’ll be locked in for life.


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Celebrating Mistress Vivian

Memorial Celebration Honoring Mistress Vivian

Please join us on February 13th at 8PM in the chat room for a memorial celebration of Ms Vivian’s life. There will also be a live podcast happening during the chat so tune in at .  The world – especially the world of LDW/EE – is a much better place with Ms Vivian having lived in it for a time, and we’d like to take some time to celebrate that wonderfulness. We look forward to seeing you there!

Join us for a memorial celebration honoring Mistress Vivian.

Mistress Vivian


Mistress Rachel’s February Audio Sale

Hello, pets! I hope your February is off to a great start!

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and you have My permission to get a gift for yourself!

Aroused by one of Miss Rachel's Femdom audios? Give Her a call and tell Her all about it! 1-800-356-6169

For the entire month, all of My audios are on sale at 50% off! 

Check out My little corner of Our audio store and see if there’s something that might suit your tastes!

Are you a stroker boy who’s always been curious about tease and denial training? An experienced edger who wants to try a new way to toy with your desperation to cum? Have you been fantasizing about being coerced into sucking cock for Mistress? A sissy who wants to be swept away by feminine images? There’s something for each of you!

Hell, even fans of public humiliation can get their shame-shiver fix if their phone takes ringtones. Just take a look at some of the ones available, and imagine your phone going off in a crowded place!

(Okay, if you do the ringtone thing, you have to promise to tell Me about it.)

Click here to listen to an extended sample containing something from each of the full-length audios I currently have available, and Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

Introducing the Enchantrix Perks Rewards Program!

Get rewarded for all of the calls you make with LDW Group! Sign up for FREE for our Enchantrix Perks Rewards Program and you’ll earn points toward free calls with each call you make. Details about the Perks program, and the registration page, can be found right here

If you join the Perks program . . . → Read More: Introducing the Enchantrix Perks Rewards Program!

Sad news

I’m sad to have to share the news that Ms. Vivian passed away this past weekend. Those of you who knew her may have known that she hadn’t been feeling well lately, and we got the news from her husband Roy that she left this world on Saturday evening. She was a major part . . . → Read More: Sad news

A special treat for the Giantess lovers

Heads up! Ms Alexis has been in the audio lab cooking up something exciting. This time she’s got a treat for the Giantess lovers out there in her all new audio production titled “Growing Girlfriend.” That about says it all, but if you’re still curious about what that means, then you can find . . . → Read More: A special treat for the Giantess lovers

Obedient men pleasure their mistress

Mistress Cindy has an important exercise for her wonderful and obedient pets. If you think you can handle it, please proceed with your reading…

Okay, good to know you are adventurous my spirited sojourner…here it is…

Repeat after me… “I shall do as I am told when my Mistress commands. I . . . → Read More: Obedient men pleasure their mistress

A small penis humiliation task just for you pin dick

 I have a small penis humiliation task just for you pin dick!

I can’t wait to hear your voice shaking when you tell me about this experience during our next call – make sure to have the condoms there!

Read more from Ms. Scarlet here.

Listen to Ms. Scarlet tell you more . . . → Read More: A small penis humiliation task just for you pin dick