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Controlled by a Woman

Female Dominance

Have you ever wondered why a dominant woman likes to deny a man? Why she enjoys controlling your orgasms and/or keeping you in chastity? Miss Scarlet wants to tell you all about it.  Read more HERE.

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Delicious Debauchery Ten Years and Counting

Lifestle Mistress Vivian has been serving up her own style of delicious debauchery for a decade

A Decade of Delicious Debauchery

Dear sexy friends & erotic colleagues,

That time of the year has rolled around again! November marks the anniversary of the month I joined up with a most remarkable company, the LDW Group.

The evidence of that shows in our loyal caller base, stellar customer service ,  unsung techs, office staff and of course – our talented erotic entertainers. No business can be as successful as LDW, without a great management team to keep it running smoothly, and moving forward.

Living a Life of Delicious Debauchery

My 10 years at The House that Head Mistress Ally Built has gone far beyond a place to work, or get your rocks off. Confidences and confessions are safe to share, because we want to build a relationship and we value your privacy, above all else.

Where else could I stay immerced in a sensual world, filled with moaning and begging and accolades of devotion? Not many get to wake up each day, and know it isn’t going to be the same day as yesterday. Every day is new and pretty kinky.

Who wouldn’t want to have that kind of environment to ply a trade?

I’ve been a busy beaver preparing for the upcoming month, and will announce my Decade of Debauchery plans – very soon.


MILF Mistress Vivian

The Empress of Happy Endings

A Connoisseur of Cum


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Eat Cum for Mistress Daphne

Eat Cum for Me

While I have been here for just over a year, I am just now getting to watch (on cam) men and women eat cum, massive amounts of cum, at one time. Here I write about two recent experiences… and the absolute delight in cheering them on.

Have you thought about eating more than 2… 5… 10… (more!) loads at a time? Here are some ideas for you!

Mistress Daphne wants you to eat cum, a lot of cum, just for her!

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Ms. Lilly’s Mystery Mistress Vacation

Having a Blast on the High Seas

The first LDW Mistress Vacation Cruise

Mistress Lilly – Cruising Mistress

Your resident cruising Mistress is at it again, but this time, I’m not sailing solo and my traveling companions won’t be James or any of my RL slaves. Instead, I’ll be cruising into paradise with some of the other LDW Ladies for a couple of wild, wonderful, & amazing days in the tropics. It’s going to be the very first Mistress cruise we’ve ever done! I can’t wait to spend some time with the Ladies again in real life, it’s sure to be amazing. You won’t see me or some of your other favorite ladies & dispatchers on for a few days, but don’t worry. We’ll be back soon. I’ll be on again for calls possibly as early as the evening of Oct. 24th, but definitely by the 25th.

Sun, Sand, & Serfs

Some of you know that I always manage to find a little vacation subbie to tease during my cruises; it’s practically a tradition. Frankly, I can’t wait to see how the kinksters on board are going to react to seeing a whole group of insanely sexy, intelligent, and wicked women together, the poor guys won’t stand a chance! A Lady can never have too many friends, admirers, or submissives, and I have to admit, I’m curious to see just how many subbies we can bring into our thrall during those glorious days on the cruise.

Oct. 25th-early Morning Oct. 28th: Last chance to speak to me before I go on my Australian Adventure

This October is probably going to go down in history as my favorite ever; and it’s jam-packed with amazing travels! When I return from the cruise, there’s going to be only a few days remaining to snag some time with me before I head out for just over two weeks on a scuba diving pilgrimage to the Great Barrier Reef & tour of Australia. I fly out the morning of Oct 28th, and won’t be back for calls until Nov. 17th, so get in touch with me while you can.

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Caught wearing panties to the office?

Wearing panties to the office.You think you’re sneaky, don’t you… wearing panties to the office… the big boss man and all. HAHA! I know your secret. Will I tell the others?

Listen to Ms. Daphne here while you read Daphne’s FAQ… aka What I Am Into.

Learn all about oral sex with Ms. Harper

Mistress Harper is at it again, bringing you the low down on the down and dirty!

Do you know all about oral sex? You should, because oral is fun! Follow her sex education podcast via Spreaker with Whore School, your one stop fun fest for all things educational and sexy. And don’t forget to . . . → Read More: Learn all about oral sex with Ms. Harper

Chastity Makes Mistress Happy

Empress Alexis presents: The latest in her “Chastity Makes Mistress Happy” audio series. Now available for purchase in the Enchantrix Audios store. If you enjoyed her special brand of cockteasing in the first segment, there’s more to love in this installment.


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Click here to purchase . . . → Read More: Chastity Makes Mistress Happy

Ms. Lilly’s Scuba Diving Pilgrimage to the Great Barrier Reef

Ms. Lilly’s Going Walkabout Down Under

Your resident cruising Mistress is at it again! This time, I’m heading Australia to explore some of the most majestic & incredible things our planet has to offer. I’ll be flying out the morning of Oct. 28th for Sydney, and spend just over two weeks on . . . → Read More: Ms. Lilly’s Scuba Diving Pilgrimage to the Great Barrier Reef

Say Hello to our Newest Site –

Let’s face it. You love giving yourself some hands-on attention.

In fact, it would be fair to say that most men discover a favorite lifelong toy from the first time they discover they’ve got a built in erector set between the thighs. Whether you’re proud of your hand-humping prowess, or need . . . → Read More: Say Hello to our Newest Site –

Is Your Hot Wife Turning You Into a Cuckold?

Hot Wife / Cuckold Husband

You know your wife is hot. You’ve seen other men looking at her, lusting after her. How do you know if she’s already taken the first steps to turning you into a cuckold? Let me show you the signs, HERE.

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