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Did you miss Ms. Scarlet?

Did you miss Ms. Scarlet? I know you did.

One of the perks of being such a busy phone sex girlfriend is that she gets to play hard – whenever she wants to! That means that she can be here for you for a few weeks and then just up and fly away to Thailand for a month! That’s where she has been for an entire month. Then off to Las Vegas and then Florida!

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Psychic Mistress Harper

Have you ever had a psychic Mistress?

Sometimes folks are what we like to call “intuitive”. This intuition means that we can pick up on things that are often hidden, or kept secret. Have you ever known who was calling before you picked up the phone? Or wondered about a song, right before it came on the radio? Those are examples of intuition… How about looking at a person and just knowing that they’re totally gay? A psychic Mistress can pick up all sorts of things about you.

Sometimes I get little intuitive nudges about people.

800 601 7259 sissy support sexLike, I’ll know what you’re looking for before you tell me about it. I’ll know that when you say you’re interested in a cuckold call, that what you really want is a cocksucking call. You want a real man to come over, rub your nose in your inferiority, and then make you suck his dick in front of your girlfriend. You may say you want to watch him fuck her, but, deep inside, where you keep it hidden and secret, you want to be his personal bitch.

When you call a Mistress, you never know if you’re getting someone intuitive or full on psychic.

Just how much do I know about you? Can I tell when you’re lying about the last time you got laid? Do I know that you masturbate while thinking of your secretary’s feet? Can I tell exactly how small your dick really is? What else can I divine about you, and what use would I put that information to? It can be an exhilarating rush to call a psychic Mistress. Just don’t ask me for the winning lottery numbers, those are all mine!

Call your psychic Mistress today, she’s waiting on your call.

And who knows… maybe she’ll pick up on that secret fetish of yours, and give you a fantastic fantasy scenario.



The Importance of Non-Verbal Safewords

Safe words are critical in keeping a scene safe, but they’re not always spoken out loud.

Non-verbal safe words are important in a BDSM session.For many in the BSDM Community, the stoplight system of “Green” = everything’s good, “Yellow” = proceed with caution & slow down, you’re approaching a limit, and “Red” = whatever you’re doing, STOP NOW! works great. I frequently use it myself. However, just like all other safety measures that rely on words, it doesn’t work for everyone. Especially submissives who become non-verbal in subspace, or individuals who’ve been gagged or otherwise restrained from making intelligible speech.

When words are damn near impossible to create, other methods must be used to keep submissives safe.

One of my RL subs is very non-verbal in subspace. For her, we use a system of purrs, kneading paws, and bells. In scenes, she holds a flexible loop of jingle bells threaded through her fingers. Purrs mean she’s relaxing and blissing out, kneading her free paw means she wants to ramp things up, jingling bells means she needs things to slow down, and dropped bells means the scene STOPS (no dropped bells yet, but I know Kitty would if she wanted/needed to–she’s got absolutely no problems jingling them). Items that make sound & can be dropped are an excellent choice for any sub who might have difficulty forming words in the heat of the moment–keys, rattles, bells, ect…

The important thing is to establish some method of communication that works for the individuals involved to keep the submissive safe.

Not only do alternative safe words help subs who might be non-verbal in subspace, or incapable of speech due to restraints or elements of the scene; using non-verbal systems to communicate can also help when it comes to overcoming past traumas where safe words might have been ignored or punished.

It’s perfectly natural for a sub to want to please their Dom/me– I just wish more realized that using safe words DOES please us, because it shows they trust us enough to listen to them, take care of them, and respect them as human beings with limits instead of just a flogging bench or blow up doll with a pulse. It gives us a chance to prove that we’re worthy of the trust they give us each time they place themselves in our care, and it shows that the trust we place in them isn’t misplaced.

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Virtual World Sissy Fun

Save the date! We are going to be having Virtual World Sissy Fun! The Sissy Soirée being held in Virtual World will be May 12 from 7-10pm eastern. Never heard of virtual world? No problem. Check out the How To Join Us Page. .  The download of the browser and creating an account are both free!  Don’t worry if you are “gaming” challenged. I am too, but this is so easy! The moment you create the account they teach you how to walk, run, jump and yes FLY. It’s a lot of fun! Once you are all set up you can join the sexy ladies of Enchantrix at our Virtual World and let’s get to know you! I try to hang out there as much as possible, along with the other Mistresses of Enchantrix Virtual World. I typically have a lot of fun encouraging the visitors to try out our dance pole. There are some really naughty moves and is a great way to get use to “doing things” in Virtual World. Back to the Sexy Sissy Soirée

Along with dancing, music and hanging out with the sexy Mistresses of Enchantrix, there will be three contests held throughout the night.

Best Sissy Strut: come on girls shake that money maker and win a Prize: Wearable Ruby Jeweled Butt Plug

Best Sissy Cocksucker: Do you have the skills to win? Prize: Cock Thirsty Cum Dumpster Trophy (We will take pictures of you holding it and show those off too!)

Best Sissy Bonnet:  You have to find a sissy hat that suits you. Pink, floral, a bonnet, or something else that shows your style!!

Prize: 500L Gift Card to Blueberry Clothing (Do you know how MANY adorable things you can get there?

There’s going to be dancing, merriment and rumor has it, a big unveil is happening too! Don’t miss it.

Listen to more from Ms. Erika


Coerced Cock Sucking and More: News from Miss Rachel!

Happy Masturbation May! I’ve been busy with a lot of creative projects lately in addition to the daily joy of indulging your Femdom phone sex fantasies. The one I’m most excited about is the new mesmerizer I’ve uploaded to the audio store: Coerced Cocksucking Mesmerizer. *giggle* I guess I like to save the creativity for the audio itself, so don’t be fooled by the plainness of the title!coerced cocksucking

What’s a mesmerizer? It’s an aural collage of sorts, My voice sliced and diced, manipulated to mesmerizing effect, along with other sounds germane to the fantasy I’m attempting to create. Here’s a sample to give you some idea!

Sound sexy? Well, if you have fantasies of having your devotion to your Mistress used to manipulate you into doing something you wouldn’t otherwise do, I think you’ll enjoy it!

More news from My little corner of the audio store: In celebration of Masturbation May, both Tease and Denial for Beginners and Cock Tease Countdown are on sale at half price!

50% off, 100% hot, if I do say so Myself!

addicted strokerI really love making audios, whether they’re for sale in the audio store, or free as a gift to you. Our group blogs, where all the Mistresses can submit posts, are a great outlet for My zest for offering you quality fantasy recordings for free. Usually they’re just a few minutes, but sometimes I get carried away! A case in point, My recent blog post and audio for Sissy, Let’s Fantasize: A Romantic Sissygasm. I’ll let it speak for itself, beyond that.  *giggle*

Another group blog post and audio that seems to have gotten a good reception is the one I did for, in which I invite you to find out whether or not you’d like to Be Miss Rachel’s Cock Teased Boyfriend! Give it a read, and a listen, and tell Me what your answer would be to that question!

Well, that’s all the news that’s fit to print from My little corner of the Femdom universe! I hope you and I will have the chance to celebrate Masturbation May together in session. There’s fun and prizes to be had, and this time it could be more than just hearing Me say you can cum (or not), so be sure to click on the Masturbation May link up above for more information!


Masturbation May -Time to Have Fun

Join the ladies of Enchantrix and have some Masturbation May fun. The ladies have come up with a couple of really awesome ways for you to enjoy your Masturbation May with them. Of course, both ideas involve masturbation, and both will be rewarding prizes!

Masturbation Writing Contest

Get those kinky fingers to work and . . . → Read More: Masturbation May -Time to Have Fun

Sissy Support Sex!

Sometimes, you just need a little sissy support sex.

I know it’s not exactly PC, but hey, sometimes things that are sexy and hot aren’t very correct or nice. If you’re a sissy or trans person, it can be excruciatingly difficult to find someone to be intimate with. Let’s be real here: everyone (except . . . → Read More: Sissy Support Sex!

Lap It Up! (Cum Eating Fun)

You want to eat your cum so bad, don’t you. I know many of us Mistresses are able to eventually coerce you towards that end.

Yet there are plenty of you guys and gals who, the moment you orgasm, hang up the phone. How am I supposed to talk you through that . . . → Read More: Lap It Up! (Cum Eating Fun)

Training from Two Mistresses

If you are looking for a great way to add variety and get some much needed training try Out Ms. Constance’s and Erika’s Tag team training! These two sexy Mistresses are offering a great training program for several different types of kinks… and don’t worry if you don’t see yours just mail them and . . . → Read More: Training from Two Mistresses

Ms. Christine’s Chastity Thoughts

The Right Of The Chastity Keyholder

Don’t you want to know what the controller of your cock is thinking?

I’ve heard something a couple times now and thought I would address it. Chastity play doesn’t mean that a Femdom has to give up dick. I’m not even talking about adding toys, though that’s . . . → Read More: Ms. Christine’s Chastity Thoughts