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Is Your Hot Wife Turning You Into a Cuckold?

Hot Wife / Cuckold Husband

You know your wife is hot. You’ve seen other men looking at her, lusting after her. How do you know if she’s already taken the first steps to turning you into a cuckold? Let me show you the signs, HERE.

Ms. Scarlet gives you the signs that you have a Hot Wife.

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Goddess Hannah’s Sparkles & Sexcapades Lyrics Contest

I will be on Cock Radio with my new show Sparkles & Sexcapades! To kick off the new show, I am having a contest, a lyrics contest.

To enter the lyrics contest, you must take an existing song and change the lyrics. You need to make them naughty and sexy. You need to channel your inner Weird Al if you’d like to win. Judging the contest with me will be Mistresses Constance and Brighton, so you’ll have to wow us all.

Cock Radio Presents Goddess Hannah's Sparkles & Sexcapades!

To submit your entry you must do the following:

  • We will need the original song title
  • You will need to change at least one verse and the chorus
  • You must email your submission to by September 30th and the winner will be announced on my show – October 4th.

Singing is not required but will be appreciated – I’m sure.

And the winner will receive a 30-minute call with ME! (If you don’t do calls, it can be applied to a 15-minute custom audio or deducted from a longer audio)


Verse example from the some Pour Some Sugar On Me

Love is like a bomb baby c’mon get it on
Livin’ like a lover with a radar phone
Lookin’ like a tramp, like a video vamp
Demolition woman, can I be your man? (Your man)


Pour some sugar on me
Ooh in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me
C’mon fire me up
Pour your sugar on me
Ooh I can’t get enough
I’m hot, sticky sweet
From my head to my feet, yeah

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Yes, I am THE phone sex SEDUCTRESS! The Original Teasing Temptress

Such a webtease!


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Annual Birthday Bash on Cock Radio Tonight!

Join Ms. Constance and Ms. Hunter tonight at 8pm ET on Cock Radio and in the kinky adult chatroom for their annual Birthday Bash. Ms. Constance’s b-day is September 22nd and Ms. Hunter’s b-day is September 24th. For the last several years, they’ve celebrated together, live, on the Cock Radio airwaves.

Birthday Bash time! Celebrate Constance and Hunter!

Birthday Suit Optional

As always, we will be celebrating in our birthday suits and invite you to do the same. It’s always more fun when we’re all nekkid together. 🙂 We will also be drinking our favorite alcoholic beverages. When you add alcohol to being naked, you just never know what might happen!

Birthday Greetings

If you want to send a greeting to be read on the air or want to send an audio to be played on the air, send them to as soon as possible, so we can include them on the show. We will be playing all the birthday audios we have received and reading all the birthday poems and letters we have received, along with whatever else feels good at the moment!

Tonight, Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 8pm ET on Cock Radio and in the Community Kink chatroom. Be there!


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Pain & Pleasure: An SPH Sub’s Journey

An SPH Subbie’s Journey in Pain PlayLilly

Working out your kinks & discovering what they are is one of the most fascinating parts of being in the kink community. It comes with lot of interesting detours, experimentation, and fun along the way until you find your niche. One of my subbies recently discovered exactly where he fits in: He is a submissive pain slut & humiliation whore.

Figuring Out Your Kinks

When we 1st spoke, it was revealed he loved being mocked about certain…ahem…shortcomings in his anatomy, and that he had a deep core of submissiveness & a yearning to please & to serve. He thrived on verbal humiliation, loved the pain and mental anguish of knowing everything I said was the truth, and adored knowing that his whimpers and moans were entertaining to me. He was thrilled that I loved humiliating him as much as he loved being verbally flayed, but still wanted more. He just didn’t know what. Something, as long as it would please me. Being the good-natured sadist that I am, I suggested pain play.

Pain & Pleasure Can Sometimes Be One & The Same

It turns out the addition of physical pain was precisely what he needed. Emotional pain & physical pain are already pretty closely linked in how your brain processes them, so it seemed like a natural progression, and from the first few moments I had him experimenting with impact play, I knew we’d hit upon exactly the combination his submissive heart desired. By the end of our second session combining physical & emotional pain, he managed to cum from pain alone, no stroking required! Much to his surprise, he climaxed via a weakened version of my napalm lube, spanking with a metal spatula, and crushing his cock with a weighted skillet.

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Get started playing with BDSM and kinky sex

Kinky sex with Ms. HarperMistress Harper has some insight into real world kink to offer

When you first get started playing with BDSM and kinky sex, it’s easy to run wild.

You get super excited about this new world, and then you run yourself into a wall. Just like any new hobby, it’s easy to mis-judge your stamina and energy, and let your interest drag you along into untenable and unsustainable situations. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone brand new to the scene get caught up in their own enthusiasm and wind up signing a slave contract before they even know what they’ve agreed to! Kinky sex can be highly addictive, and if you’re not aware of that up front you can trip on your own wild enthusiasm.

Read on and comment with your insights!

Also, congrats to Doubletee, Alice, and Fisty for winning the Humiliation Scavenger Hunt in August. Happy stroking!

New Addition to the Enchantrix Audio Store

Chastity Erotic Audio Series

Mistress Alexis has a special treat for all the erotic audio lovers out there. A new addition has been made to the Enchantrix Audios store. Her latest work, titled “Chastity Makes Mistress Happy” is the first in a multi-part series. If you believe male chastity and sassy ladies go hand-in-hand, . . . → Read More: New Addition to the Enchantrix Audio Store

Geeky Goddess Lilly

Your Gamer Goddess

Some of my callers know one of the reasons why I’m frequently available late at night is because I game. I’m primarily a console gamer, and the servers tend to be overloaded in early evening or around the time people start going to work, which leads to game lag, . . . → Read More: Geeky Goddess Lilly

The amazing ladies of the LDW Live Help desk

Meet the Ladies Always Ready to Help

 All of the ladies of LDW are here to bring to life all the dreams you dare not tell another soul. But two of them provide the extra service that ensures you reach the Enchantrix that best suits your unique desires. I am speaking of the amazing . . . → Read More: The amazing ladies of the LDW Live Help desk

Cum Eating: Now or Later

Cum Eating Question

Are you new to coached cum eating? Perhaps you’re already a pro? Scarlet will be answering the commonly asked question, “Do I eat my cum right after orgasm or should I wait to eat it?” Your favorite cum eating instructor has the answer!

The Scarlet Mistress

To call . . . → Read More: Cum Eating: Now or Later

Edge play phone sex with Ms. Alexis

I absolutely love to control the orgasms of men through tease and denial phone sex. They always ask me to tell them in detail exactly how I would deprive them of the orgasm they want so much but know that they don’t deserve. And I, being the lovely brat that I am, am always . . . → Read More: Edge play phone sex with Ms. Alexis